Saturday, August 13, 2016

Ethics In Politics. November 2016?

I wonder if ethics exists any more in Presidential politics?  I wonder if our President believes in truth and a value system.  A system that truth whether good or bad is essential for democracy to work in America and the spoken truth takes priority over lies that endanger our country.  That the spoken truth takes priority over personal financial gain.  It is like selling your high elected or appointed governmental position to the highest bidder for a supposed charity you run.   Does this sound familiar? Does the Iranian Nuclear deal fit this idea?   The Benghazi debacle?  Keeping your Doctor and lower health insurance premiums under the Affordable Health Care Act/Obamacare?  An $11 million dollar tax return released by the Clinton dynasty shows that 96% of their charitable donations are given beck to their foundation that they own.  And any investigation into their supposed foundation gets silenced by the Attorney General.  National legal political theft and financial gain seem to be the norm for Washington politics in 2016.
To the many voters I have spoken to they are irate at the lies they are hearing from both national and state Democrat Parties.  On a state level we are seeing a massive clean election law campaign mailing scandal unfold with an unsuccessful payoff of a state commission investigating it.  We are seeing a state economy unravel daily due to massive taxes and horrific regulations which endanger businesses staying in the state.   At what point are there any ethics left in Hartford?  Why are Connecticut Taxpayers continued to force to pay for the corruption of Hartford?  Why are Federal Taxpayers forced to pay for the corruption of Washington?
Democracy and ethics seem to me to go hand in hand.  Revisionist history seems to be the norm by liberalism gone amok.  I see that 2016 is a radical turning point in both our state and nation's history.
And I hope that time has not passed for those taxpayers who have been forced to pay their taxes to support these different levels of corruption in both our Federal and State governments.  Billions upon billions dollars of taxpayers monies wasted for personal and political gain.
It is Time To Take Back America in November.  It Is Time To Take Back Connecticut in November.

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