Saturday, August 20, 2016

Your Connecticut Taxpayers Monies At Work

Connecticut's remaining taxpayers work hard each day and night paying their taxes.  We pay an excessively high rate in state income taxes, state sales taxes, business taxes, user fees and licenses, secret gross earnings taxes on gasoline, excise taxes and miscellaneous nuisance taxes.  For our efforts the Democrat controlled State House and State Senate runs a constant budget deficit year-in and year-out a mere $1 Billion dollars in over spending.  Since the Utopian State Income Tax was passed in 1991, the Democrat controlled State House and State Senate has increased spending by 200% from a $7 Billion dollar budget in 1991 to over $20 Billion dollars in 2016.  Connecticut's short and long term funded and unfunded liabilities are from $70 to $80 Billion dollars also in 2016. 
This is the record that the Connecticut Democrats are running on for election and re election this November.  They have had thirty years of running Connecticut and they have successfully brought Connecticut to its economic ruin.  Connecticut as we know ranks last in many economic categories such as business development, economic freedom and tax rates.  Connecticut's economic vibrancy continues to erode daily due to the Connecticut Democrat Party and their irrational, illogical and detrimental economic policies.  There should be more to the State of Connecticut budget than just an overpaid management work force whose only concern is getting more and more politically created taxpayer funded positions so as to accumulate unheard of salaries, benefits and a never ending pension to those who pay their Democrat political dues.
Again this is the record that the Connecticut Democrats are running on for election and re election this November.   It is horrific.
Connecticut has been led too long by the Connecticut Democrat Party.  Their tax and spend policies make no economic sense any more.  They can no longer govern in any way, shape or form.
The Connecticut Democrat Party can be seen at work through their failed taxpayer funded baseball park in Hartford, their protection of unions at all costs and Dan Malloy's illegal campaign mailer just to name a few debacles.   In my opinion the list is endless.
It is Time To Take Back Connecticut in November.  Connecticut Taxpayers have reached a dead end with the Connecticut Democrat Party and their failed policies.  It is time for new leadership and an end to one party rule.  It is time to give the Connecticut Republican Party a chance to lead and govern Connecticut and to bring back economic vibrancy to what was once an economically dynamic state.  The cesspool of leadership that defines the Connecticut Democrat Party needs to be flushed out once and fall all in order for Connecticut to survive.
Vote Republican in November. 

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