Saturday, July 02, 2016

Connecticut's Stale 85th House Representative - More Of The Same Tax And Spend Rhetoric

State Representative from the 85th District, Mary Mushinsky, who won her first election in 1980 has been in office since 1981.  Over the past 35 years in office she has voted for nearly every tax increase that has come through the House including the economically debilitating state income tax and more recently the two highest tax increases in the state's history.   Since she is running for reelection Wallingford residents received in the mail on Friday a taxpayer funded four color printed brochure highlighting her "massive" accomplishments this past term.  From her reelection brochure:"Although there were no easy solutions this year, after a lot of hard work we approved a budget that is balanced, without tax or fee increases, without borrowing, and without dipping into the Rainy Day Fund."  Thus yesterday when Connecticut Comptroller Kevin P. Lembo certified a $315.8 million deficit in the outgoing budget and its Rainy Day Fund is now down to $90 million dollars, I am confused as to how Representative Mushinsky has a balanced budget without dipping into the Rainy Day Fund?   Thus one gets a taste of how Connecticut Democrats are able to keep manufacturing their economic lies, a $315 million dollar budget deficit is somehow a balanced budget?  Estimates for the fiscal 2016-17 budget are trending towards a $1 billion dollar deficit, since a great deal of the Democrat budget that she help to pass relies on "projected" savings.  When voters read this they apparently must impressed with the rhetoric as they keep sending her back to office each term.  Why is beyond me when one sees and must live in the economic quagmire of high taxes, high levels of corruption and an infrastructure that is beyond repair that Mushinsky has helped nurture over the past thirty fives years in office.  
The great irony that I find in her being reelected is that several residents in Wallingford feel the town is fiscally mismanaged even though it has a AAA Bond rating and low taxes.   They demand more fiscal conservatism on a local level and endorse the tax and spend policies and economic debacles of Democrat Representative Mushinsky on a state level.  
Have Wallingford taxpayers and voters had enough of Representative Mushinsky?  Can Wallingford taxpayers and voters actually state that they are better off economically than two years ago?  Four years ago?  Since 1991 when the state income tax took effect?  Can it be possible that Wallingford taxpayers and voters have had enough of this economic nightmare of high taxes and high budget deficits that Mushinsky has contributed to since 1981?  Serge Mihaly is this years Republican candidate to unseat Mushinsky.  Maybe taxpayers and voters who have had enough of the Mushinsky rhetoric will vote for him and his fiscal conservatism into Hartford.  Maybe they can try something different to take back Connecticut in November.

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