Saturday, June 11, 2016

Connecticut and Its Economic Decline

It is evident that Connecticut is in and has been in an economic decline for many years now.  Since the passage of the Weicker state income tax that was supposed to solve all of Connecticut's problems we still see an economic decline.  For many years now, over and over again.  An economic decline that is far reaching from young and old citizens moving out of state along with many businesses and industries heading elsewhere.  An economic decline that encourages constant non productivity through a political elite ruling class that is embellished with high salaries, benefits and pensions while penalizing those who actually produce and earn their income through yet even new and higher taxes on their wages.  An economic decline that chooses to tax literally anything and everything in a never ending quest for more revenue to constantly satisfy the same political elite ruling class that has helped to bring Connecticut to economic ruin.  An economic decline as viewed by millions of taxpayers dollars being spent on a Hartford baseball stadium that can not be finished nor generate any income in the near future.  An economic decline in which the Governor picks who wins and who loses through taxpayer funded corporate welfare cash given to businesses who donate to his ruling party.
The list is endless in the chronic economic lie that the Connecticut Democrat Party and Dan Malloy have force fed taxpayers for years now.  More and higher taxes continue to bring Connecticut to its economic knees. 
And many of these same Democrats are running for re-election in November for their golden House and Senate seats.  Why?  To further Connecticut's economic decline?  To pad their pensions and benefits?
Think about the continuing economic decline of our state when you vote in November.  If you still live here.  It is time to take back Connecticut. 

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