Saturday, March 26, 2016

Connecticut's Government Economic Implosion Courtesy of the Connecticut Democrat Party And Its Unions

Economic breaking point.  Economic collapse.  Economic debacle.  Choose the words they all describe the current Connecticut government economic implosion.  Our state government has collapsed economically under the burdens of its political manipulation and payoffs/payouts.
State union contracts take precedence over state laws, long term debt and unfunded liabilities are at $80 billion dollars with no end in sight and pick any number for the ever growing yearly budget deficit. 
Now since the state unions are not going to agree to any concessions they will supposedly face layoffs.  However they will not go down without a big rally taking place next weekend that Connecticut's media will be all over.  I truly wonder how much support or economic sympathy they are going to receive from Connecticut Taxpayers at this rally.  For many Connecticut Taxpayers are sickened by the knowledge that state union contracts take precedence over state laws if there is a conflict between the two.  There will be the usual blame game and the unions will state that Connecticut will be brought to its knees if there are any layoffs or cuts to their salaries or benefits.  Really?  I think their arguments will fall on deaf ears today.  Connecticut Taxpayers are seeing the massive costs of state government with their unions and never ending high pay and benefit political management positions.  All producing what?  All costing how much?  All continuing to contribute to the chronic economic downturn of the state.  All for what?  Satisfying the never ending Connecticut Democrat Party tax and spend philosophies that have truly bankrupted Connecticut?  For example look at your Motor Vehicle Department, a symbol of the cronyism and incredible economic inefficiencies of the Connecticut Democrat Party at work with yet a new Commissioner who does not even remember if he has a Masters degree or not.  This is really good government?  This what taxpayers must continue to support?
Voters must look hard at who they vote for this coming November.  They need to look at the economic collapse of this state brought to them courtesy of the Connecticut Democrat Party and its unions.  And they need to vote out the Connecticut Democrat Party in mass once and for all.

Saturday, March 12, 2016

UTC’s $400 Million Dollars Or Has Connecticut Lost Its Economic Way

Has Connecticut lost its economic way?
At what economic point can the economic downturn not be righted?
I think we have reached the economic breaking point.
The Malloy Administration and the Connecticut Democrat tax and spend policies have failed yet again.  I find it ironic that the Governor is now withholding legal payments of $140 million dollars to state hospitals and other social service providers for services to the poor because apparently their profits are too high (?). 
At the same time the corporate head of United Technologies Corp. earned $10 million dollars last year in compensation.  UTC received $400 million dollars of Connecticut taxpayer’s monies in 2014.  Some employees of UTC especially executives donate money to the campaigns of the Connecticut Democrat Party on a regular basis.  Thus one must assume there is a direct economic correlation between money donated to the Connecticut Democrat Party and free Connecticut taxpayer money received by that same state corporation.  Yet hospitals are not entitled to the money that they are legally entitled to.  But UTC deserves that $400 million dollars for whatever reason.  $400 million dollars could have paid off the current deficit in 2016 and could put a dent into the never-ending state deficits of the next 100 years.
And we continue to hear the rhetoric of Malloy that somehow this is the entire Republicans fault for his incoherent economic policies that have bankrupted the state.
Here is my suggestion for the state’s economic crisis: ask for the $400 million dollars back from UTC over the next twelve months.  Apply that $400 million dollars to the $80 billion dollars of long term bonds, debt and unfunded liabilities the state has.  Then pass a law to end all forms of corporate welfare payments in Connecticut.
Too radical?  Possibly?  But maybe just maybe taxpayers are sick of the Connecticut Democrat Party tax and spend economic debacle in 2016. 

Saturday, March 05, 2016

No More Raises-What Is The Use Of Working?

No more raises.
Not now.
Not in the future.
Sounds familiar?  Many overtaxed middle class Connecticut taxpayers have not received raises for many years now.  In my case at one college I teach at I received a massive pay cut per class and in the total amount of classes I can teach due to Obamacare.  I recently left one University I taught at for thirty years since I have not gotten a raise in ten years.  Many of the people I talk to and many of my students complain of stagnant wages, no raises for years and continually higher state taxes.  When will it ever end?
Here in deficit ridden Connecticut our Governor has become a fiscal hawk.  After six years of unlimited and unyielding spending with new and higher taxes taxpayers see that Dan Malloy's ultra liberal tax and spend policies have bankrupted the state.  Thus he now changes his policies and rhetoric.  He wants taxpayers to really believe him now that the Connecticut Democrat Party and Dan Malloy are truly concerned about state spending, state taxes and the $80 billion dollars of long term unfunded debt and liabilities that the state will owe forever.  Are Connecticut taxpayers that stupid to believe him?  Or are Connecticut taxpayers fed up with his lies?  Are Connecticut taxpayers really going to believe that it is somehow the minority Republicans fault for this economic debacle when the Democrats have been in control for thirty plus years now?
This new Democrat fiscal policy has exerted its influence with the state labor unions condemning their labor contracts in particular the recently negotiated University of Connecticut labor contract and their amazing raises.  It has said no to raises to many departments.
No more raises.
Not now.
Not in the future.
Never.  Except maybe after the election in November.  Except maybe after the Connecticut Democrat Party claws, fights and lies its way into reelection, keeping control of the legislature for yet another two years condemning the Republicans for even questioning their policies and corrupt way of doing business in the state.  Then after the dust settles they will give retroactive raises to their labor unions and raise taxes yet again.  More of the same for thirty years now.
Connecticut voters and taxpayers need to come to the realization that Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule has damaged the state beyond economic repair.  We really need a balance in government.  If we do not get it Connecticut taxpayers need to ask themselves-what really is the use of working to support the Connecticut Democrat Party and its failed economic policies?