Sunday, February 07, 2016

Malloy's Brave New World


Connecticut’s sometime Governor Dan Malloy manipulates his office well.  In his new re branding as an austerity minded, fiscal conservative Governor in his latest State of the State speech he energized the Republican party and got his Democrat party upset.  Apparently if taxpayers are to believe him they will see a dawn of fiscal conservatism never felt in the state before.  And only he as Governor given full fiscal power can address the massive budget deficits that seem to continue and that he has created since he has taken office.
Taxpayers may wondering some of the following thoughts:
Where were the Republicans during the last four years of budget negotiations-were they not allowed to negotiate by the Democrats?
Hasn’t all budget debate been cut off by the Democrats in both the House and Senate every year?
What happened to roughly $5 billion dollars of tax increases that Malloy has created, the same tax increases that were supposed to balance the budget?
What happened to GE?
Why does Connecticut continue to have a net migration out of the state each year since Malloy has taken office?
For some media members to declare that Malloy has taken changed the political dynamics in state is absurd.  Malloy and Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule continue to care less about state taxpayers.  Their concern is to continue the political patronage system that allows them to reward member of the Democrat party in high paying positions with massive salaries, pensions and benefits.  Was there any mention of cutting Judges pensions of $100,000 a year?  Was there any mention of an across the board pay cut for all state commissioners?  Was there any talks of cutting back the massive amounts of bonding that takes place yearly for political pet projects?  Of course not.  But there will be cuts to those physically and mentally disabled because that can hurt the most and get the most political press.
Thus it is more of the same, I am sure after months of supposed negotiations nothing will happen, taxes will be raised and somehow the Republicans will continue to condemned as obstructionists by all even though they are the minority party who are not allowed to represent the people who voted them into office.
More of the same, Malloy is a political chameleon whose only concern is his political career and reward.  It is too late to change the debacle created by him and his party.

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