Saturday, February 20, 2016

Connecticut's Budget-More Of The Same Rhetoric

Connecticut has many economic problems.  Connecticut in my opinion also has a leadership problem.  Connecticut seems to have the same problems year in and year out.  Just change the date and you will hear that businesses are moving out of the state, taxes need to be raised, young people are moving out of the state, there is never enough money for social welfare programs and services, union wages and benefits are too low they can never be cut, non-union management wages and benefits are too low they can never be cut, no programs can be cut because it will cause too many issues and that wealthy Connecticut residents do not, will not and never have paid enough in taxes.
Does this sound familiar?
It should because it has been the same rhetoric we have heard since the Utopian state income tax was passed in 1991.  I will point out also that since this time the Democrat Party has controlled both state legislature governing bodies.  I will also point out that state spending has grown by leaps and bounds since 1991.  In my opinion our state government has ceased being a democracy as Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule has eliminated any minority representation nor say in state government in this time frame.   Thus the Connecticut Democrat Party rules ineffectively year in and year out.  The Democrats fail to address year in and year out their bloated political patronage spoils system that benefits only the elite few who either contribute heavily to their party and or are politically connected enough to benefit from a lifetime of taxpayer paid for salaries, benefits and pensions.  That is really what matters for the Connecticut Democrat Party.  No laws or rules of our State Constitution exist for them nor do they need to follow them either.
So it is now 2016.  And Connecticut is bankrupt with billion dollar plus deficits and, at least, $70 to $80 billion dollars in long term unfunded debt and liabilities.  And the process starts again as Connecticut Democrats blame a lack of revenues (even though we are third highest taxed state in the country), Connecticut  Republicans are blamed for being obstructionists, and higher taxes will yet again solve all of the states problems.
Rhetoric.  A lack of leadership.  Massive economic problems.  The Connecticut Democrat Party is responsible for the economic dismantling of this state.  They are to blame.  And they still can not see out of their kingdom of spoils the destruction and ruin they have inflicted upon the remaining taxpayers of the state.   We really need to overhaul Connecticut and its non-functioning and non- preforming government once and for all.  But it may be too late.

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