Saturday, January 23, 2016

What Does Connecticut Do Now? Welcome To The New Connecticut.

What does Connecticut do now?
Population loss.
Excessive and high local and state taxes.
Budget deficits, low reserves and massive long term debt.
Years of one party rule.
Welcome to the new Connecticut.
Pretty much the same as the old Connecticut for the past twenty six years.
Since the Weicker Administrations State Income Tax,  the state budget, state spending, budget deficits, state taxes of all sorts, long term debt, state employee salaries, state employee benefits/pensions, state management salaries, state management benefits/pensions have grown dramatically with really no end in sight.  State government employment is a tool for political favors and political patronage.  If you are incompetent but are a Democrat you can be a State Commissioner.  If you have no experience in a particular field but are a Democrat you can have a high paying job in state government without any testing or experience.  Thus if you are a Connecticut Democrat and have political connections you are in.  It is simple as that.
It has contributed to the economic turmoil that continues in the state unabated.
It has contributed to the mass migration out of Connecticut.
Thus what does Connecticut do now?
If you are a Connecticut Democrat-nothing your reward is the current corrupted spoils system.
And really nothing can change that in the foreseeable future.
Connecticut Democrats continue to lie to taxpayers.  They can twist any situation to their political advantage with no ethics or morals involved.  The state media is worthless as it just puppets what the Connecticut Democrats want them to say.
What does Connecticut do now?
Welcome to the new Connecticut.

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