Saturday, January 09, 2016

Connecticut's Inefficient Department of Motor Vehicles-Time For A Change

Bridgeport State Senator Andres Ayala of Latin decent was appointed back in December 2014 as the new Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles Commissioner.  Commissioner positions here in Connecticut are political appointments giving high paying and massive pension/benefit jobs to those who are part of an elite Democrat circle.  Dan Malloy was smart in this appointment as Ayala helped bring the vote to the Connecticut Democrat Machine so that Malloy was reelected and made Malloy look good by appointing his first "Latin" Commissioner.  Ayala refused an Administrative position in the DMV during Malloy's first term.  Malloy wanted also a "minority" DMV Commissioner as he desires to ram through legal drivers licenses for illegal Connecticut immigrants.  Ayala was a social-studies teacher who was the president of the Bridgeport City Council before winning three terms in the House and two in the Senate before this position.  I see nothing in his resume that shows he has experience in managing a motor vehicles facility of any sort.
In an effort to "modernize" the DMV with taxpayers monies the DMV shut down for a week August 11 to install a new computer system that will allow residents to conduct more business online, however when the department reopened August 15, customers encountered long lines at all 19 DMV locations, including wait times as long as five to seven hours and in some cases even longer.  The private company doing the upgrade messed up the DMV website by registering the wrong domain name which also helped the chaos.  The mess continues today as now cars that have been legally registered were thrown out of the system as their property tax bill was not paid in one installment, thus causing legally Connecticut registered vehicles to have their registrations wrongly revoked.  Also if you changed your auto insurance company, your registration was also invalidated and thus you had to prove to DMV you had insurance (even though you did and this was never an issue in the past except now with this new system).  The mess seems never ending for law abiding Connecticut drivers.
This upgrade cost taxpayers $26 million dollars and was developed by 3M Corporation.  It has been in use in several other states.  However there are massive issues in Kansas.  Major problems that have been apparently overlooked by the DMV.    "Kansas has still not completed its modernization six years after purchasing the 3M software. A state audit says the system was beset with incomplete data, disconnections, and speed issues in the months following the introduction of the new registration system."
Republican Deputy Minority Leader State Senator Toni Boucher summed up the monumental issues of this DMV debacle:
"After 5 months of failures at the CT DMV Governor Malloy has finally acknowledged that there is a problem.
So far as the CT DMV has tried to implement their new $25 million computer system…
  • Wait times tripled
  • It takes 3 months to schedule a driver’s test.
  • Cars are getting unregistered due to backlog.
  • Cars are getting unregistered due to tax communication errors.
  • Vehicles are held hostage for fees due to errors.
  • Private insurance agents are being blamed for DMV failures.
  • The CT DMV predicts more issues with re-registering vehicles that have been unregistered for a period of time.
  • Hours and sometimes days of residents time is being wasted to fix these issues
The majority party has just now agreed that an investigation of the CT DMV should take place and they have joined me and other Republican legislators in calling for an audit of the CT DMV. However, I will continue to work to ensure the audit focuses on the implementation of this software and of the 3M Company that has failed before.
It is inconceivable that the CT DMV did not perform due diligence in vetting this vendor that oversaw a massive failure in overhauling the Kansas DMV. A review of the previous projects this company had performed should have been done prior to selection and implementation of their program, not after they may have caused so many problems for Connecticut residents. Seeing how many issues the State of Kansas faced in contracting with this firm, what had changed that CT DMV felt it prudent to enter into a contract with them."

In my opinion the DMV Commissioner needs to resign.  In private industry he would have been fired by now for not developing any type of solutions to these irrational and time consuming problems that have been created by this waste of $26 million of dollars of taxpayers monies for this new and unproven computer system.  Connecticut really needs a change from the same old tired political patronage system that continues to bring the state to its knees economically.  The Connecticut Democrat Party is the economic cancer that has stripped the state of its economic vibrancy.  These issues with the DMV should never have occurred with proper planning and research on new computer systems.  I wonder how much was donated politically for the contract to be accepted and what was the actual bidding process for it?  That information I can not find.
Oh well what is $26 million dollars of taxpayer's monies anyways. when you are a Connecticut Democrat.

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