Sunday, January 31, 2016

Connecticut's Budget Cuts-Make Them Hurt

Here it comes.  Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule budget cuts.  The cuts are apparently going to hurt.  Hurt probably those that need the help the most.  And that is the way that the Connecticut Democrat Party looks at those budget cuts.
The budget cuts I am sure will protect those upper level salaried Managers/Commissioners and the benefits/pensions they will receive forever after they leave work.
All this after our Governor lied to get reelected and tell us that there was no budget deficit.  But Connecticut is entrapped with massive budget deficits and long-term debt.  Our elected officials can’t even agree upon the debt amount.  It is more of the lies of Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule at work.
Wouldn’t it be helpful if all state Managers/Commissioners take a pay cut to show they have some “skin” in the game they profit from?  Or end the massive amount of political patronage jobs that roll on year in and year out?  Possibly not giving Judges full pensions after three years of work?  The list can be endless in cuts in the never-ending spoils system that our state government operates under.
But we know it will not happen under the Malloy regime. 
Budget cuts-make sure you hurt those that need the help the most.  Make your political point that the Connecticut Democrat Party is in charge and rules with an iron hand.  To me it is what Socialism is all about-Connecticut Democrats Socialism in 2016.

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