Saturday, November 21, 2015

Connecticut's Constitution-Rotting To The Connecticut Democrat Core

What Constitution?  A Constitution is defined as "a body of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is acknowledged to be governed."  In Connecticut we in theory have a Constitution.  This acknowledgement to be governed has just been changed by the Connecticut State Attorney General George Jepsen (who was a former Connecticut State Party Chairman) in his ruling against an amendment in Connecticut's Constitution that requires a legal spending cap each fiscal year.  The amendment was voted into law back in 1992.  I was one of the 80% of state voters who voted for it.  Last week Jepsen declared after 23 years of the spending cap that the legislature can vote to exceed the spending cap “by a simple majority vote".  Thus here in Connecticut voters have really no say even in a binding Constitutional Amendment.  Oh well.
The theory of the spending cap was to cap state spending increases to 3% per year after implementation if I am to understand it correctly.  State spending has increased on average of 6 to 8% or more per year since the cap.  Depending on how one interprets state budget numbers the state budget has gone up from $8 billion dollars a year since the implementation of the state income tax to over $20 billion dollars a year or a 250% increase in state spending.  If one were to understand the spending cap at 3% a year increase,  the state budget should only have gone up 69% not 250%.  We also as taxpayers do not know how much has been taken off budget and not included and where/how that is being paid for.  It is a big Connecticut Democrat Party secret since they have controlled the state legislature since this Constitutional amendment as to where this spending is. 
The spending cap has been in my opinion avoided at all costs leading up to Connecticut's monumental budget crisis of 2015 and beyond.  The Connecticut Democrat Party led by Governor Malloy has lied to voters year in and year out.  Connecticut is broke.  We have if I have estimated correctly at least $60 to $80 billion dollars of long term unfunded liabilities.  We have a pension system out-of-control (Judges getting full pensions after three years of work).  Connecticut's budget is rotted to the core.  Connecticut's debt is also rotted to the core.  And Connecticut's Constitution can be ignore at the whim of the Connecticut Democrat Party. 
Connecticut is broke. The Connecticut Democrat Party has led us to financial ruin with massive spending and massive tax increases year in and year out.
And we still do not have a solution.  Year in and year out.  The same lies echoed since 1992.

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Vive la France! God Bless America. ISIS, Terrorism and Political Correctness.

Vive la France!   God Bless America.   Political correctness costs lives.  We saw it last night in France.  Terrorism is cold blooded murder.  The murderers such as ISIS have no God, no morals, no ethics, no religion, no feelings.  They are cold blooded murderers.  They is no way to present them in any other manner.  They wish to regress the world into a prehistoric state of ruthless oppression and into a new dark ages.  Being politically correct in trying to deal with them serves no purpose.  They will still murder innocent people in cold blood.
Terrorism engulfed France last night.  Innocent people who were going about their business were murdered in cold blood.  Why?  Does disarming citizens help defend them?  Does politicians seeking another photo op decrying guns help defend the citizens they supposedly represent?  Does a one sided agreement with a nuclear Iran help to eliminate terrorism and help defend the United States and Israel?  Why must we accept this?
Politically correctness engulfs our society in many different ways.  We must accept political correctness on college campuses.  We must accept political correctness in our Federal Government.  We must accept political correctness in our elected officials.  We must accept political correctness in our State Government.  We must accept political correctness in the way we shop for items.  We must accept political correctness in our media.  We must accept political correctness in our lives.  Why?  So we do not upset some individual whose rights are more important than ours? Why?
It is time to take back America and the world we live in.  We can not politically accommodate terrorism.  We can not politically accommodate those individuals and countries who wish to eliminate free countries of the world like Israel and America.  We can not politically accommodate  those individuals and countries who wish to eliminate personal freedoms, the freedom to go to a concert without being murdered in cold blood.
Vive la France!   God Bless America.   Political correctness costs lives.  We will continue to see it so long as America leads from behind rather than from being the greatest country in our world.  Enough is enough, it is time for real political leadership in America to end terrorism right now before it is too late.

Saturday, November 07, 2015

There Was An Election Last Tuesday

There was an election last Tuesday.  There were some winners and some losers.
And there is always analysis, dispute and second guessing.
I have some thoughts on what happened.
Hartford proved that if you are politically connected, do not live in that city, you can become Mayor.  Massive amounts of money was raised by the Connecticut Democrat Party to anoint a candidate with no political experience and not from Hartford.  What he can do to solve the massive problems of Hartford is beyond me with 18.5% of registered voters actually voting in this election.  However he will become the new fund raising tool of the Connecticut Democrat Party and will in my opinion not solve any problems for the city.  He will serve his time, get anointed to another hand picked Connecticut Democrat Party position and receive his pension down the road from the remaining Hartford taxpayers who still live in the city.
Bridgeport is still Bridgeport.  We have been told to deal with an ex con being elected Mayor again.  The same Mayor who raped and pillaged the city for his personal financial gain and power.  In my opinion ex-felons who became ex-felons because of their political positions should not be allowed to hold elected office again.   However the Connecticut Democrat Party must embrace the "new" Joe Gamin which to me seems a great deal like the "old" Joe Gamin.  Bill Finch the current Mayor did a horrific job in running Bridgeport for the past eight years- (remember a $400, 000 paving job for his driveway disguised as an airport project, days of no snow removal blamed on "yahoos", etc.).  Bridgeport's remaining businesses will start the exodus out and Bridgeport will continue to have the same problems as it had under the "old" Gamin and Finch, high taxes, little industry, poor city services, high crime, constant requesting of state aid, etc.  Nothing will change.
Wallingford voters sent back their Mayor with a Republican Council and Board of Education.  Wallingford voters continue to be satisfied with a conservative form of government, efficiently managed with low taxes, low electric rates and good schools.  I find it amazing however that it continues to vote in State Representative Mushinsky each election with her tax and spend policies that have helped ruin our state.  Wallingford residents received her latest brochure right before the election- from her brochure "The budget is balanced, under the spending cap"  is a lie and shows the lack of economic reality of the  Connecticut Democrat Party of which she is a part of.  I will be looking at her brochure more closely in a future blog.
I am glad I live in Wallingford.  I feel sorry for those who live in Hartford and Bridgeport.