Saturday, September 26, 2015

The New Face Of The Connecticut Democrats

Each year our political and economic climate changes.  Some years there seems to be more change than in other years.  Here in Connecticut I live in Wallingford, a fiscally conservative community that is efficiently run with low electric rates and low property taxes as compared to other communities in the state.  Wallingford is run by a strong Mayor/Town Council form of government that is governed by a majority of Republicans.
With the local elections coming up in several weeks we see a new face and new dynamic for the Connecticut Democrat Party.  If one is a registered Democrat here in Connecticut I am wondering if they will start to embrace even more this new face of their party.
For example their Governor will be forced over the next few weeks to hand over information/emails as to how they both justified and funded legally their "Pro-Malloy" mailing right before last year's election without any legal ruling by the Federal Election Commission.  The mailing in my opinion clearly violated the states clean-election laws that were passed back in 2004.  The information if it is actually given to the SEEC should be an informative read for taxpayers and voters.
Another example is how their State Legislature controlled by Democrats was able to circumvent the State Constitutional Spending Law and Cap by once again moving at will money off budget so it did not count to the already deficit ridden and bloated state budget.  No explanation was given by these Democrats.
Also we look at the actual Connecticut state budget process whereby $40 billion dollars in state spending passes with no debate on the last day of the legislative session through a sequestered dictate decreed by the Democrat Party in both the House and Senate.  Taxpayers and the Republican legislatures once again are left out of the actual debate of $40 billion dollars of spending.
Bridgeport is also another example of the new face and new dynamic of the Connecticut Democrat Party as I am to assume that the Governor's second chance program for felons and convicts is also embraced for former Mayors who were convicted felons to once again run for office.  The same office that the former Mayor pillaged for his personal gain and spent seven years in prison for.  The state's prisons could be a new area for the Connecticut Democrat Party to recruit new candidates from in the future especially for local and state offices.  I am wondering why many of the state's Connecticut Congressional delegation are not seeking photo opportunities and or embracing their new candidate in Bridgeport?
To me the new face of the Connecticut Democrat Party is a lot like the old face; corrupt, self serving, dictatorial and a total disrespect for rules and laws that govern us.  With Connecticut's local elections coming up I really wonder why we entrust our local governments to this type of political obedience and rule?  Maybe it is time for both the old and new faces of the Connecticut Republican Party to be embraced to lead Connecticut in 2016 and forward in the future to undo the many years of the false promises, lies and economic demise and decay that the many false faces of the Connecticut Democrat Party have enslaved us with for too many years now.

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