Saturday, September 19, 2015

Connecticut Taxes-More, New, Higher-Change?

Connecticut taxes were in the news this past week as the State Tax Panel held an actual hearing on the current issues in the state's horrific and regressive tax structure on Wednesday September 16, 2015.  Testimony can be read at this website:
The testimony is interesting in its overwhelming support to actually reform Connecticut's bloated and progressive/regressive tax structure.  Connecticut is unique in its ways it taxes both its working citizens and businesses.  There are numerous and burdensome taxes that this state implements on so many different areas.  Many seem comical to those who live in other states.  Many businesses refuse to even have a remote location in Connecticut due to its business tax structure.  It is a mess and has been a mess since the Weicker/Cibes State Income Tax that was passed back in 1991 over the many objections of citizens and businesses.  One must remember that this income tax has proven time and time again in the past 24 years to help let Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule continue to raise spending and raise taxes on a yearly basis.  Nothing has changed.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has been in control of the House since that time.
The Weicker/Cibes State Income Tax and the Connecticut Democrat Party has continued since 1991 to eliminate any advantages to either relocating to Connecticut as a business or worker.  Random political corporate welfare schemes have come and gone over the past 24 years to help to contribute to Connecticut's $80 billion dollars in both short and long term unfunded liabilities.   This year's $40 billion dollar two year sequestered (no debate) budget is already causing budget deficits and cuts only to programs for those citizens who are most in need-not for example to the $660,000 plus in salaries being paid to two political heads of the State Board of Regents (the newest a true Malloy hack/soldier with no education experience).  It is a pathetic mess for both businesses and taxpayers in Connecticut.
There is a simple solution to this mess-I urge you to read the testimony that was given this week.  Connecticut needs to become a two party state again.  Connecticut needs to cut its bloated budget that allows unlimited highly paid political appointments along with massive benefits and pensions for its ruling elite.
It can also start this November by voting Republican in your local elections.  Just look at the Democrat mess in Bridgeport with a convicted felon leading the local slate.  Why do they want a man who almost ruined their city again? 
By starting the process of change in November 2015 we can bring about a beginning of change in Hartford in November 2016 when many of the long serving elite of the Connecticut Democrat Party can and will down in defeat due to their failed policies.  Then and only then can Connecticut come back to economic life and well being rather than being a sandbox of political nepotism, corruption and excessive taxation dictated by Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule, the Connecticut Democrat Party.

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