Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Amanda Doerr For Wallingford Board Of Education

One of my votes for Wallingford Board of Education will be going to Republican candidate Amanda Doerr.  She is an energetic candidate wise beyond her youth who offers a variety of new ideas and thoughts to the Board of Education here in Wallingford.  I was truly impressed talking with her and giving me her thoughts and opinions on education and our youth today.  Her involvement in our community is wide reaching being on the Board of Directors of SCOW (Spanish Community of Wallingford) along with being a mentor and tutor for SCOW.  In my opinion she is a role model for the young people she is mentoring and is having a strong and positive influence on these young people.  She wishes to foster a creative, supportive atmosphere for our Wallingford youth to lay the foundation for present and future success.  For High School students she sees the need for experiential education to help them for the future.
I feel Amanda Doerr would be an excellent candidate for Board of Education and would contribute a great deal to Wallingford.   I urge fellow Wallingford voters to vote for her in November.

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Unknown said...

I appreciate the support Bob! Thank you.