Saturday, August 15, 2015

Death In Cuba Then Death In Connecticut

I guess that Americans are supposed to be happy about the new normalization of relations with Cuba.  Mr. Obama and Mr. Kerry conveniently forgot that over 77,000 people have died at sea trying to escape the bloody tyranny of the Castro Brothers.  They also choose to forget that Cuba has no freedoms nor any economy.  They also choose to forget that there is no religious freedom in Cuba.  They also choose to forget that "Up to December 15, 2008, 5,732 cases of execution, extrajudicial killings, and disappearances have been documented. In addition, 515 deaths in prison for medical negligence, suicide, or accident have been recorded."  They also choose to forget that Castro seized American assets when he took over power, Castro should start paying back some of the 6,000 American property claims that have been made that value approximately $7 billion dollars.   Mr.Obama and Mr. Kerry apparently have issues with their memories.   They also have issues in dealing with the Castro Brothers.  
I guess that Connecticut Taxpayers and Citizens are supposed to be happy that the death penalty does not apply to those on Connecticut's Death Row.  Here in Connecticut murderers never have to really worry about anything as they will be taken care of by Connecticut Taxpayers for the rest of their lives when they murder someone.  It can be a passive murder or a bloody gruesome murder and they will live as long as they want and are able to.  Connecticut Taxpayers must support them because the Liberal Connecticut Supreme Court has decided to rescind a signed piece of legal legislation to suit their liberal desires, interpretations and needs.  The Liberal Connecticut Supreme Court apparently creates their own laws any way they see fit.  Thus all Connecticut residents who abide by our laws need to wonder why they are no longer protected by our state government and legal system.  Victims here in Connecticut no longer have any more rights.  One also can assume that if a high ranking Connecticut Democrat Official family member was murdered in cold blood we would see how fast the death penalty would be embraced.  The Connecticut Democrat Party has issues in dealing with murderers here in our state. 
Death in Cuba.  Death in Connecticut.  Freedom seems fleeing in both Cuba and Connecticut in 2015.

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