Saturday, August 08, 2015

Connecticut's Worsening Economy-Thank You Connecticut Democrats!

Connecticut's socialistic economy continues to worsen.  Taxpayers and residents continue their mass exodus from the state.  More negative economic news out of Hartford this week as the current budget deficit continues to grow looking at now a fast approaching $71 million dollar deficit.  One may wonder how we can have a budget deficit with almost $4 billion dollars in new taxes over the past four years and $80 billion dollars in long term unfunded liabilities? 
And especially when Mr. Malloy campaigned that we had no deficit and he was not going to raise taxes.
And especially when a $40 billion dollar budget was passed in June with no debate and no input from the minority party in the legislature.
And especially when Connecticut now ranks dead last in job formation according to new poll released this week by Gallup.  So much for the Connecticut Democrat lies that the economy had "turned the corner".
And especially when Connecticut is now the most expensive place to die in the country with the highest probate fees in the country along with taxes on your life insurance policies.
And especially when people are leaving Connecticut faster than any other state in the country.
And especially when Connecticut Democrats float a mileage tax for all state drivers only to pull it back when the outcry is massive twisting it that it is the Republicans fault for talking about it.
And especially when Mr. Malloy wants a $100 billion dollar transportation program that can not be rationally funded nor sustainable especially when no other state spends that amount of money for their transportation programs.  Ever drive on I95 in Long Wharf?  How many more years will that take to finish and at what costs?
On and on and on the Connecticut Democrat lie machine does not stop hurtling insults at the Republicans and at Connecticut taxpayers and citizens.  Nothing is their fault, the fault is always somewhere else.
The Connecticut Democrat Party and Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule owns the state economy and its implosion.  The hemorrhaging of deficit spending and Democrat political self interest and rule needs to end today if not sooner.

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