Saturday, May 23, 2015

Connecticut's Taxpayer Funded Democrat Scandal

Connecticut's taxpayers in my opinion are disrespected on a daily basis by our government.  Connecticut's taxpayers work for government through the massive transfer of monetary income and wealth to our state government through an incredible amount of taxes and fees that are paid to Hartford.  Hartford in turn spends it any way they like with no consequences for their actions.
Connecticut's taxpayers are now funding the new Democrat scandal in Hartford in the loophole driven Citizens Election Funding program that allows for state taxpayers to help pay for the funding of state wide elections.  Over ten years and over $80  million dollars of Connecticut's taxpayers monies has been paid out in an effort to supposedly eliminate special interests in state elections.  The result to Connecticut's taxpayers is the same one party rule that we have had over the past ten years and little change in special interests influencing state elections.
NBC News Connecticut actually did an investigative piece on where the Democrat candidates are spending their Connecticut's taxpayers money from this program.  Their results should not surprise any Connecticut's taxpayers.  From their report
"Out of the money spent, roughly 50-percent of all Democratic House and Senate candidates spent their taxpayer-funded grant money with only four consulting firms: CCM & Company out of West Hartford, a partnership between the Vinci Group and Farina Consulting in Manchester, DNA campaigns out of New Haven, and Berlin Rosen, from New York City.
CCM & Company is operated by Christian Murray, who first started working for the Democratic House Caucus in 1998 designing direct-mail pieces. As the preferred vendor for House Democrats in 2014, he took in nearly $1 million by consulting for 71 campaigns, 64 of them in the House.
Murray says the task of managing all those campaigns is all in the planning. He argues direct mail is the only way to guarantee a candidates message gets to their targeted audience. He says the great majority of the $935,000 his company was paid went to printing, production and postage.
The second highest paid vendor in 2014 was a company owned by now former state representative Geoff Luxenberg, who chose not to seek re-election in 2014 to allow his wife Kelly to run and win the seat.
While a sitting legislator, Luxenberg’s Vinci Group, in partnership with Farina Consulting, took in more than $800,000, mostly legislative races.
Luxenberg isn’t the only office holder or family member of a sitting legislator to be paid hundreds of thousands of dollars off the system. Greg Gerratana and his wife Jessica have received more than $1 million worth of business since the program was implemented in 2008.
They are the son and daughter-in-law of State Sen. Terry Gerratana.
Greg Gerratana partnered with Christian Murray in 2012, earning more than $430,000.
This year, his wife Jessica’s company, Total Graphic Solutions, took in more than $250,000.
The company was paid nearly $700,000 from statewide and legislative races in 2010.
Luxenberg, the Gerratanas, Democratic House and Caucus leadership all declined to speak on the record."
We could argue that as Connecticut taxpayers we have again been stolen from and lied to by our state government.  We could argue that as Connecticut taxpayers over $80 million dollars of our money could have gone to better use.  But we can not argue that as Connecticut taxpayers because we have no say in our state government any more.  State government and in particular Hartford's Democrats seek any advantage and every opportunity to legally steal from Connecticut taxpayers.  The Connecticut taxpayers financing of this new scandal is yet another example of a stale and corrupted state government that works for a connected few.  Not in any way for Connecticut taxpayers.  It is time to repeal this law.

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