Saturday, April 18, 2015

What Can $2 Billion Dollars Buy? Or For That Matter $2.5 Billion Dollars?

What can $2 billion dollars buy?  Or for that matter $2.5 billion dollars buy?
The coronation of Hillary Clinton for President has begun and reports are that she will raise $2.5 billion dollars for her campaign.  And one could ponder what $2.5 billion dollars could buy in our economy?
Could that money help college students struggling to find work and pay off their college loans?
Could that money help students pay for their expensive textbooks?
Could that money help people who can't afford their medical bills?
Could that money help people who need affordable rents and or housing?
Could that money be used to help educate citizens who need functional jobs skills in order to gain employment, be productive and leave governmental welfare programs?
Could that money be used to  repair our failing public road system?
Can you just imagine what could be done with $2.5 billion dollars in our society?  Or $5 billion dollars?  Or even $10 billion dollars?  I really wonder what the 2016 Clinton Presidential campaign will cost our economy?
The voters obviously will not benefit from this spending.  Highly paid campaign professionals and managers, consultants, the biased media and some printers will benefit from these monies.
And most importantly the Clinton machine will use $2.5 billion dollars to somehow convince voters that somewhere and somehow, Mrs. Clinton is qualified to be President. 
We are led to believe that the Clintons are average hard working people who are non egotistical and just like you and I.
We are led to believe that the Clintons worked very hard through the gifts they received to their foundation and the speeches they made that they are entitled to their simplistic and minimalist life style they apparently have.
It will be a long and brutal campaign.  And just think of what that money that is going to be spent could do for our society instead of where and who it will be going to.

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