Saturday, February 07, 2015

The Connecticut Public Corruption Task Force To The Rescue

Somehow, somewhere corruption in Connecticut’s political system will end and we will have a legitimate election and government process.  Fantasy?  Hard to believe?  I know I am skeptical when I saw that there is now a Connecticut Public Corruption Task Force that has been formed.  It is a multi-agency, federal task force that has developed to help battle the never-ending corruption here in Connecticut.
As a way to protect the political corruption of Connecticut we are the only state in the nation that does not allow for an investigative grand jury to be used in a corruption case.  The investigative grand jury forces both testimony and evidence to be produced to help the prosecutor actually prosecute the corrupted issue he or she is trying to root out.  Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule in our State Legislature has prevented legislation from being passed over the years to allow this type of investigative grand jury from taking place.  Why?  Could it possibly be to protect the corrupted way of voting and governmental process?  Can we see any better example of current corruption with a special election taking place for State Senate in Bridgeport and amazingly enough over 800 Democratic absentee ballots that are dumped in their Registrars office this week?  Or how about an extension of voting hours in Hartford from the recent election or November?  Or possible four years ago with the Bridgeport election day debacle that helped seal the election for Dannel Malloy?  Or how about Earl O’Garro Jr. and his insurance fraud with Hartford? 
To me the list is endless-how five people will combat this will be amazing. 
The fraud continues unabated.  I wish this group well in their upcoming war with the corruption of Connecticut.
Connecticut taxpayers get to pay what I term the “fraud” taxes of Connecticut that help support our corrupted government and Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule in our State Legislature.   It is too bad that Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule in our State Legislature does not have the guts to pass the laws needed to allow for this investigative grand jury to take place.  But they will pass hundreds of meaningless, micromanaged types of laws that will control and limit your freedoms even more in our state while allowing for their own unlimited freedom, lawlessness and corruption to continue ad infinitum (to infinity).

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