Friday, October 24, 2014

Why Is Connecticut An Economic Mess?

I have some thoughts as to why I feel along with many of my students and readers as to why Connecticut is an economic mess.  There has been a steady decline in many areas of our state economy for many years now.  Blame has been pointed from one politician to another.  In this 2014 election there is much economic irrational thought being presented by Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule as to how well the state’s economy is doing with mythical job creation, blaming the last Republican Administration for the deficit even though Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule has controlled both the House and Senate for years now and vetoed many pieces of a Republican Governor’s legislation to lower the debt and lastly the inability for Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule to follow the rules and laws that they have enacted for campaign financing.  Thus in October 2014 Connecticut continues to be an economic mess.
Taxes, job growth and job creation are interwoven parts of our economy.  When taxes become too high businesses must either cut costs to remain profitable and or relocate to a more tax and business friendly state.  We have seen this happening for years here in Connecticut directly due to a lack of checks and balances in our state government.  Those lucky businesses that remain here in Connecticut seem to be bullied into donating to the Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule various committees and fund raisers.  Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule then slams a successful businessman who apparently has not taken state aid and who is running for Governor on the Republican ticket.  Millionaires abound in Hartford’s and Washington’s Omnipotent One Party Rule yet the state Republican party continues to be vilified by having a successful businessman who is running for Governor on the Republican ticket.  Money, hard work, success and wealth is bad to Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule unless you are legally paying them off in the form of political contributions and other unknown and unpublished perks.  Thus in October 2014 Connecticut continues to be an economic mess.  To me it is a fraudulent government supported by those remaining taxpayers in Connecticut.
Connecticut has over $80 billion dollars in long term unfunded and funded liabilities.  Unfortunately a taxpayer is not able to obtain an answer from Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule as to the actual amount of the debt is nor what the plan is to pay it off.  I guess current taxpayers will not obtain an answer to this in their current lifetime.   Again to me this is economic chaos being nurtured by Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule.
Taxpayers get the bill for over $33 million dollars to support these same candidates running for office through the state's free campaign money law. This money supports these corrupted campaigns and elections.  Why?  Why can't we view this campaign finance reform program as a sham after the current Malloy anti-Foley mailing? 
Thus in October 2014 Connecticut continues to be an economic mess.  Its roots and origins can be blamed back to the first Governor Czar we had, Lowell Weicker who slammed down the throats of state taxpayers the economically draining state income tax back in 1991 which began the orgy of state spending that has not let up in 23 years.  In 2014 the state spends in excess of $21 billion dollars a year.  For what you may also ask?  We still have crime, we still have poverty, we still have high taxes, we still see our youth flee the state when they graduate, we still see people hungry, we still see a horrific highway, road and bridge system, we still have one of the highest costs of living in the country and we still have a corrupted state government system which enables this economic charade to continue.

Have you had enough?  Do you really want to continue Connecticut’s economic mess for yet another four years?  Why can’t we change the way political business is done in Connecticut?  Why can’t we give all the Republicans running for state office a vote and a chance to see if they can eliminate the economic mess that Connecticut is in 2014?  Or is it too late to save Connecticut from Hartford’s Omnipotent One Party Rule?

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