Wednesday, October 01, 2014

Tim Herbst For Connecticut State Treasurer-Why Won't Denise Nappier Debate? Why?

Why won't State Treasurer Denise Nappier engage in a debate with Republican State Treasurer  Tim Herbst?  Don't we as taxpayers deserve it?
We actually have a race here in Connecticut for the under ticket positions in November.  The State Treasurer position is the subject of an intense campaign between our current State Treasurer who has been in office since 1998 and Republican candidate Tim Herbst.  This office controls $26 billion dollars worth of state monies, must hedge all funds against potential losses and maintains the state's credit rating.
We have currently in office a State Treasurer who to me from an economic point of view is completely overwhelmed by the office, is detached from economic reality and really should resign as soon as possible due to her lack of economic/credit knowledge.  However we know in the land of Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule that would never happen (however I can always dream).
Mr. Herbst is running an aggressive campaign to unseat Denise Nappier.  From her ignoring Freedom of Information requests, to an irrational push poll created by the Nappier campaign which brings up Herbst's Mother, to absolutely no plan whatsoever to fund the $80 billion dollars in unfunded pension liabilities the state has, State Treasurer Nappier is in over her head.  She has the economic ability to help create a bankruptcy for Connecticut through her lack of action.  This is one state position that does not need a political hack in.  To me $26 billion dollars of taxpayers monies is a great deal of money to be concerned about and she has no concerns at all in my opinion.  And we have the highest state debt per person in the country.  What a great record to run for reelection on!
Tim Herbst is an economically qualified and dynamic candidate for State Treasurer.  He has proven that he can manage and lead by his First Selectman position in Trumbull.  His actions including a lowering of taxers and greater economic development has helped make Trumbull a robust and growing community in our state.  Actions not rhetoric drive Mr. Herbst.  We need a change rapidly in this office to offset the impending economic nightmare which will continue if Nappier remains in office.
I conclude by wondering why State Employee/Taxpayer Funded/State Treasurer Denise Nappier will not debate Tim Herbst?  What is State Employee/Taxpayer Funded/State Treasurer Denise Nappier hiding?  I as a taxpayer would like to know.  Wouldn't you?

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