Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Questions And Answers

A hypothetical Question and Answer session-we know this will never happen.
A theoretical and imaginary view of Connecticut through Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule.
Questions and Answers.
SS: Connecticut's Economy ranks near last in many different economic and business categories as compared to other states-why is that?
HOOPR:  We really do not know where that made up information comes from, we have created 55,000 jobs.
SS:  But the state has lost in excess of over 120,000 jobs.
HOOPR: Again we state we have created 55,000 jobs.
SS:  That means then there is still 65,000 jobs that have been lost since Mr. Malloy has taken office.
HOOPR: No we have created 55,000 jobs.
SS: Government can not create jobs however, only private industry can.
HOOPR: You are right yet we have created 55,000 jobs and will be creating more through the Governor's First Five Program.
SS:  But why are we using taxpayer's monies to create jobs?  Why can't we just lower taxes and excessive governmental regulations to help business and industry in the state?
HOOPR:  That may be possible but not probable.  When we give taxpayer's monies to these companies they create jobs.
SS: But you did not answer the question.  Also many have started to question the amount of money being donated the Democrats by these same companies.
HOOPR: We stand by the 55,000 jobs created.
SS:  Connecticut has one of the highest tax rates in the country along over $100 billion dollars in long term debt.  What is being done by your party to address the debt?
HOOPR:  We do not have debt we now have a surplus.
SS:  How can that be, Connecticut has one of the highest per capital debt per person in the country?
HOOPR:  Through the Governor's revenue increases we have a surplus.
SS:  Then why for Fiscal year 2015-2016 we are looking at a budget deficit?
HOOPR: I do not know we have a surplus, why are you asking all of these irrelevant questions on taxes, jobs, the economy and the like?
SS:  Because they impact everyone who still lives in the state, we are still seeing many, many citizens moving out of Connecticut due to high taxes and few jobs.
HOOPR:  You are wrong as are all Republicans-we have created 55,000 jobs and we have a surplus.
SS:  Then what about the 65,000 jobs that have not been recreated?  What about those workers who have given up all hope of finding a job in Connecticut?
HOOPR:  You have unemployment compensation.
SS:  But the state's unemployment compensation fund has had to borrow a massive amount of money from the federal government to stay afloat and charges the remaining state's businesses a special tax each August just to help pay down the interest on this borrowed money.
HOOPR: So what.
SS:  How does that help businesses in the state?  When they now have to pay even more money for their unemployment compensation taxes?
HOOPR:  Again we have created 55,000 jobs.

This question and answer session continued for many hours, and it was always the same answer-I truly hope you are one of the special 55,000 who got a job created from Mr. Malloy and Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule.  The same party that has brought to you high taxes, high unemployment, and no answers.
Why would any voter vote again for these lies?
We really need a change this November.

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