Tuesday, February 18, 2014

At What Point Do Taxpayers Say Enough Is Enough?

How much does it cost taxpayers for a job in Connecticut?  You know the one you are subsidizing through the Department of Economic Development?  Or maybe the Governors First Five Program?
Or how about the Express Program?  Or the Express Program Manufacturing Assistance Act Program?  Or the Manufacturing Assistance Act Projects?  And or the Job Expansion Tax Credit Projects?
My rough estimates on all of these somewhat unknown programs is $400,000,000. It is somewhat difficult to find out this information, apparently we as taxpayers in Connecticut do not need to know.  To retain some jobs, to create some new jobs, to see some of these companies who received funds go out of business ($1,350,000. lost there but hey who is counting?) and on and on....
Buy your job here in Connecticut-but wait Connecticut still has a high unemployment rate.  Connecticut is still charging those who pay into the State's Unemployment Fund a yearly surcharge because the fund is still basically broke.  Wait a minute I thought the $400,000,000 was supposed to create jobs and in economic theory eliminate unemployment?  Why wouldn't $400,000,000 jump start Connecticut's economy?  Why is Connecticut still near last in the country in many different economic categories?  Why are there no answers to this?
Wait it is an election year!  We will hear all of the great things Hartford's Omnipotent Democrat One Party Rule has done for us!  Higher taxes!   More unemployment for a longer duration!  More laws controlling our lives!  More and more of an economic debacle that just continues abated!
How much does it cost taxpayers for a job in Connecticut?
And at what point do taxpayers say enough is enough? 

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