Sunday, January 26, 2014

The Common Core One Million Dollar Ad Campaign Paid For By Connecticut Taxpayers

What is Common Core?  A mere $1 Million Dollars of Connecticut Taxpayers monies will soon be spent to find out.  Common Core is an educational program which ties adoption to "Race to the Top" Federal funding for education.  What are we racing to the top of?  No answers. 
Fortunately State Senator Joe Markley, who is the Republican State Senator from the 16th District is introducing a bill to block Connecticut from spending $1 Million Dollars of Connecticut Taxpayers monies to advertise the bill. 
We still really do not what the standards are of Common Core.  As a Adjunct College Professor for the past thirty-two years now I have seen a continual decline in student abilities and preparedness especially over the past ten years.   Students in many cases are completely unprepared for a college level course.  Public education in my economic opinion is a bureaucracy with little advancement going on in actually teaching our students.  Common Core standards set by Federal Educational Bureaucrats will do little to help this situation.  One can test students all of the state and federal state mandates they want to measure some hypothetical metric with still no results of the student actually understanding and learning a topic or subject.  It is more of the same of stifling actual learning for our students.
Why did the State Board of Education pass Common Core with no input from any educators, parents or our elected officials?  And why is $1 Million Dollars of Connecticut Taxpayers monies needed to advertise the bill?
Senator Markley's bill should be passed - today if possible.  What a waste of education in our society.

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