Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Connecticut's Inherent Corruption #2

I was asked by several of my readers to continue to expand on my last blog regarding what many are calling "Pay for Play" or Connecticut's Inherent Corruption scandals.  There are many thus I plan on writing about as many as I can.  
Today I would like to feature another questionable donation to Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule - Connecticut's Democratic Party.  This time it is Affordable Housing-one could ask what is actually affordable in Connecticut with its high tax rate?
I feel these contributions again focus upon the "Pay for Play" mentality of our state government.  One must remember that anyone including state contractors can contribute to any state party's federal account-how this is legal or ethical is debatable in my economic opinion?   But it seems to me that this is the way to "Pay for Play" in Hartford.  Make a contribution then get a state contract-how this is saving taxpayer's monies is any ones guess, but when you are in power - you do whatever you want.
Bruce Whittaker, Jr. who owns the Millennium Group, also has a Division of his company, Millennium Real Estate Services LLC, that manages Sasco Creek Apartments which is owned by the Westport Housing Authority.  Mr. Whittaker gave $5000 to the Democrats on November 19, 2013-amazing enough on November 21, 2013, Millennium received a 4% loan from the Connecticut Housing Authority and $5.7 million in "gap funding" from the Department of Housing for Sasco Creek Apartments to redevelop it adding 54 more units to the current 33 mobile home units that are there.  The original 33 units were built in 1985.  Gap funding may be in the form of a grant and or loan.  From Connecticut's Department of Housing website - "DOH seeks to leverage non-State funds to catalyze the creation and/or preservation of affordable multifamily housing to promote healthy lives, strong communities and a robust economy."
Connecticut really has a robust economy?  According to who?  
Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule - Connecticut's Democratic Party?  "Pay for Play"  Yet another example.

owner of Millenium Real Estate, gave $5,000 on Nov. 19.
Two days later, Gov. Dannel Malloy announced Sasco Creek Apartments, owned by the Westport Housing Authority and managed by Millenium, would receive a 4 percent loan from the Connecticut Housing Finance Authority and $5.7 million in “gap funding” from the new Department of Housing.
Employees of Viking Construction gave $3,500 in November. Anthony Gaglio Jr., the company president, donated $10,000 in July and has made large donations to the Democratic Party in the past. In September 2012, he posed for a picture with Malloy in front of a sign highlighting the “cooperation” of the state in the construction of The Heights at Darien, a Viking project.
Matthew Anderson of Imagineers donated $2,500. The company administers Section 8 housing vouchers for some housing authorities.
- See more at: http://www.raisinghale.com/2014/01/03/affordable-housing-industry-adds-to-democratic-coffers/#sthash.fdA5erSk.dpuf

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Richard Lepkowski said...

I live in Sasco Creek. They never do anything right. They ignore repair requests and all email and phone messages. The new Sasco Creek apartments have major code violations. We can hear everything in the other apartments including conversations, urinating, toilet flushing, showers, etc. I complained to Steven Smith the head Westport building inspector. He gave me Carol Martins phone number. She is the head of Westport Housing and Fairfield housing authroties. Private companies!!! All of the first floor residents have to move out of the brand new buildings for repairs. We, the residents have been told by management we are not allowed to talk to each other. I have been told by them, not to help any of my neighbors. I lived in one of the trailers. My water heater had a carbon monoxide exhaust leak. The gas company shut it off because of 3,000PPM of carbon monoxide leak due to illegal exhaust piping.
Exposure to 400PPM for twenty minutes is fatal. My daughter and I had been very sick with CO2 symptoms since moving in. After the leak had been repaired my symptoms disappeared. My daughter had to move out. I only found out recently how dangerous the leak was. I called to complain that day but was only able to leave a message on Todd Whittakers voice mail as usual. I said how would he feel if someone tried to kill him or his brother? He had me arrested. They are trying to evict me. I have complained to every state and government agency. This is the real reason they are evicting me. I am 61 and disabled, in the worst physical shape of my life and he is afraid of me. I have no weapons of criminal record. they never did anything . I have hundreds of photos and video of all the violations and complete lack of maintenance, as do many of my neighbors. They rented one new apartment to a drunk. He panhandles the other residents. I had to call 911 because he was forcing himself int my apartment the other day. Now there seems to be gang members as new neighbors. These people have gotten away with everything for so long they think they are above the law. I wish they could be forced to live here instead of going to prison.