Sunday, December 29, 2013

Sunday's Random Thoughts

Some Random Sunday Thoughts-back from my writing vacation:
Apparently if you do business in Connecticut one must make a contribution to Hartford's Ominpotent One Party-The Elite Democratic Party.  Obviously, it is legal and encouraged.  Think about it next time you paying one of Connecticut's many highest taxes in the country.  Think about it when you paying one of the highest gas prices in the country while stuck in yet another traffic jam on one of Connecticut's highways.
Obamacare still does not work, nor do we know how much taxpayers will be paying both for their new policies and the new hidden taxes of the plan.  Obamacare remains an inept economic debacle.  Taxpayers and voters will ultimately blame the Democratic party for this nightmare.  It still should be repealed immediately.
Any news on the different Obama scandals?  The NSA?  The IRS?  Obamacare?   Benghazi?   EPA emails?  Circumventing the Constitution?  Recess Appointments?  Just wondering if any truths will be found?
Oh well just three more years of this economic debacle of an Administration...

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Yes I Am Now A Victim Of Obamacare-My Policy Was Cancelled

I am victim.  Should I be surprised?  Should I be angry?  Should I just marvel at the economic stupidity of this Administration in its implementation of this socialized health care program?  However I am still a victim.
I have a health insurance policy today, which will be ending when it is time for renewal.  The insurance company has stated that there will similar plans available to the one I currently have.  Really?  What new deductibles will I be forced to pay for?  What new mandated procedures that I will not use must I pay for?  How much higher will my premiums go up in this new policy?
It is a secret.  It is a secret to understand the economic illiteracy of Obamacare.  A plan developed on whim with many political favors being paid off and special interest lobbying groups being compensated.  All in the name of a failed socialized health care plan.  All in the name to desperately try to create a socialized single payer system.  
Obamacare is the medical and economic nightmare we must endure forced upon us by the Democratic Party in Washington.  They own it, their names are on it. 

I also find it amusing that the Connecticut Socialized Health Care exchange known as Access Health, CT is spending a mere $75,000 to have three murals painted and placed in three health care buildings throughout the state.  What a new and creative way to waste taxpayer’s monies here in Connecticut-notice also how the media does not cover this story.

But hey-I am a victim of the largest health care scam that our economy will ever have to endure and pay for.   And many more will be victims of Obamacare.  It is the new cancer of our economy.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Mr. Malloy's Economic Wasteland

We know there is an election upon us in 2014.  We know here in Connecticut we are near last in all economic categories as compared to other states.  We have one of the highest tax rates in the country along with almost the highest costs in workers compensation insurance, unemployment compensation taxes, high local property taxes, a lack of economic growth, and a dismal business climate.
Voters in Connecticut hopefully will recognize that this is the record of Mr. Malloy and Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule in the State Legislature.
I am curious as to how the state is going to end up with yet again another massive budget deficit after Mr. Malloy's massive $1.8 billion dollar tax increase when he took office-I thought this was going to resolve the state's fiscal deficit issues?  What happened?  What is the Governor's explanation?  Is it he has only been in office for three years now?  For three years now we see a lack of economic growth, a lack of economic development (except for those companies who contribute to the Democratic party) and a continual net loss of citizens in the state.  That is apparently an excellent record to run a reelection campaign upon.
Mr. Malloy has helped to nurture more of the same helping make Connecticut a vast economic wasteland.
We really need to see a democracy in Hartford again.  We need to see a state government that actually represents the taxpayers that pay for it.  We need to end the brutal regime of Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule.