Wednesday, November 20, 2013

The Questions That Still Are Not Answered About Our Affordable Health Care Act

In my last blog I raised several questions about Obamacare, the new socialized health care plan forced upon us by Democrats in Congress along with our President.
None of the questions have been answered at this time.  
Thus I still have many unresolved questions and issues about this debacle of a health care plan. I still would like to know how much it will costing taxpayers to implement and keep funded in the future.  I still would like to know more about the new improved Congressional plan that is being offered to our Congress and their staffs.  This plan seems to be incredibly low in cost due to a massive taxpayer’s subsidy for it along much better coverage that what you and I common taxpayers are eligible for and theoretically can afford with no taxpayers subsidies.  I still wonder how and why that is legal.   Why did Congress basically exempt themselves from Obamacare?  How are reimbursements going to be paid and by whom to health care procedures and doctors?  Is this a part of the actual bill?  Why was the health care website not checked for security purposes?  Why were there no background checks for those employed as these navigators?  And what will happen as personal information is hacked-will Obamacare take care of this?
This Affordable Care Act will define Mr. Obama, his Presidency and the Democrat party in general.  It is an economic and medical debacle and nightmare.  They own it.  

And my questions still do not get answered especially how much this is going to cost taxpayers.

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