Tuesday, November 26, 2013

The Iranian Deal-Why?

What is the point of the new deal with Iran?  What is the benefit of it to the world?
I am confused once again by the foreign policy amateur hour in Washington.
The United States releases Iranian assets to prop up their economy.
The Iranian government gives up?  Their ability to create a nuclear weapon?  What is different about this agreement that the Iranians will abide by that is different from the agreements of 1994,2005 and 2007 that they did not abide by?
Doesn't this agreement allow for Iran to continue to enrich uranium?  And what purpose realistically does Iran's nuclear program serve in a "peaceful" sense when they control massive amounts of oil and natural gas?  What about the gross human rights violations and political prisoners in Iran?

Thus we prop back up the Iranian economy and get no concessions from them-at a time when the economic sanctions were working.  More superb and well thought out foreign policy on the part of the Obama Administration-agree to a one sided deal with Iran.
Maybe just maybe some members of our Congress on both sides of the aisle could question and veto this agreement which is not in any way shape or form good for the United States or the world.  But for an Administration that has brought us Obamacare, Benghazi, the NSA scandal, and the IRS scandal we should just expect more of the same.  Incompetence at the highest level of our government.

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Frank S. said...

Bob, the nuclear option that was just passed should be the last straw the American public should put up with. However as long as people are getting freebies and the media doesn't give more air time to these issues we will slowly lose all our rights.