Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wallingford = Strong Republican Leadership

Wallingford has strong Republican leadership.  Whether we look at the Mayor, the Town Council or the Board of Education, we see strong and dedicated Republican leadership.  We see a Republican Mayor who is strong in leadership and in economic values.  We see a Republican Board of Education that values our students while understanding its fiscal responsibilities to taxpayers.  We see a Republican Town Council that exhibits fiscal restraint and respects taxpayers while providing funding for services for our town.
Our town is excellent shape financially.  It has one of the highest bond ratings in the state.  This is due to a dynamic Republican Mayor who places Wallingford's needs first rather than his political ego.  He and our Republican Town Councilors do not need power point presentations to resolve supposed issues in Wallingford.  They take action-not relying on rhetoric and or irrational economic arguments.
Wallingford Republicans lead and have led our community with low taxes, low electric rates, an Aaa bond rating and excellent services.
They deserve to continue to lead in 2014.
Vote Mayor Dickinson and the Republican team for Town Council and Board of Education next week.

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