Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wallingford AAA Bond Rating And Low Mill Rate=Well Managed Government

Why is a Aaa bond rating bad?  Why is a low tax mill rate bad?  In my economic opinion it is a sign of economic efficiency in the town government of Wallingford.   Wallingford's mill rate is one of the lowest in the area at 26.22 mills.  Since the state mandates by law a revaulation of all property every five years property values have a tendency to go up as Wallingford is a very desirable place to live with a Aaa bond rating, excellent schools, low electric rates and low stable taxes.  Thus we see much higher property values in Wallingford as compared to other towns that have lower property values, higher tax mill rates and higher property taxes being paid out.  I know I would rather have a residential property that had great value when I was ready to sell it and have it be in demand when I sold it.  I experienced this when I sold my other house in Wallingford in 2009 (at the supposed peak of the economic downturn).
Trying to follow the Democratic arguments on how property is valued in our town and thus taxed makes no economic sense to me.  The state mandates the town to revaluate its property every five years.  It is the law.  If the Democrats do not like this then change the law on a state level, after all you are in charge in Hartford controlling all aspects of government there.  The formula that is used by the town is the one that is mandated by the state.  We are fortunate to see as much business and industry that we have in Wallingford which shifts a great deal of the property tax burden from residential property taxes to business property taxes.  The robust business and industry we have in 2013 in Wallingford helps to create a stable tax base which in my economic opinion is the envy of many other surrounding communities.
The economic reality of Wallingford is that it has a stable tax rate, it has exceptionally high property values and it has a dynamic business climate with economic growth being seen on a daily basis on our Route 5 corridor.
Aaa bond rating to me are rare.  Wallingford stands above our communities with its economic efficiency.
Low tax mill rates are rare in Connecticut.  Wallingford stands above our communities with its mill rate efficiency.
Well managed government can only take place when a Mayor places the town's needs above his political ego and ambitions.  Well managed government takes place with actions not stale and economically irrational rants about how bad things are supposedly.
The Democrats and Mr. Zandri still have not communicated how they are going to pay for all of their new and improved programs which in my economic opinion will burden Wallingford for future generations with higher residential property taxes.
The choice in November becomes more clear each day.
Vote Mayor Dickinson for another term along with his Republican majorities for Town Council and the Board of Education.

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