Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Voter Disinformation In Wallingford-Vote Dickinson For Mayor

Democrats normally do not stop at any level in voter disinformation.  Their task is to present the worse possible light even when things are great to advance their thoughts and ideas be as skewed as they are from reality, especially economic reality.  The current election in Wallingford is an excellent example.
Wallingford has been governed by an economically frugal and economically conservative Mayor William Dickinson for many years now and enjoys an Aaa bond rating.  It seems to be a source of discontent in 2013 that the Mayor does such an excellent job in running and managing the town fiscally.
In this election his opponent is pulling out all of the stops from the Democrat playbook on how to misinform the voting public.
As someone who has taught economics for many years now and have been involved in municipal finance for fourteen years I can not rationalize any of Mr. Zandri's economic arguments with regards to Wallingford's mill rate and assessments.  Contrary to his convoluted economic arguments the town follows the law imposed by the State of Connecticut with regards to assessments and mill rates.  Thus the voter disinformation on this non issue.
It has to really bother Wallingford Democrats that they are not allowed to tax and spend in free form and with free will like they do in Hartford and Washington.  Mr. Zandri has not presented to voters one piece of information as to how he will pay for any of his massive expansion of town programs and technologies.  Is the money going to fall from the sky?  Or realistically are our taxes going to increase dramatically because of these expansions?  In my economic opinion taxes can only go up and surpluses will be drained dramatically if he is elected.
Wallingford voters do have a choice.  They can have much higher taxes in 2014.  Or they can reelect Mayor William Dickinson with a Republican majority Town Council and Board of Education and maintain a fiscally sound community.

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