Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Obamacare's Utopian Agenda And Economic Fantasy Developed Through Lies

Sorry, you can not keep your current health care plan.  There is no way economically possible that you can or that the current plan that you have still actually exists.  It is reality with Obamacare.  It is reality that Mr. Obama and his Administration lied to Americans about being able to keep your current health care plan.  You can't.  Look at all the companies who now must change their health care plans, find new plans, see coverage lowered and premiums skyrocket.  That is the new Socialism of health care in 2013.  That is the Obamacare Utopian Agenda and Economic Fantasy.  It is in reality all economic lies.
All lies just like Benghanzi, NSA, and the IRS scandals.  Lies and more lies.  Just like all of the lies about Obamacare.
What are the actual costs for his socialized health care plan?  Just pick a number from the sky-we are probably looking at at least $2 trillion dollars over the next two years for implementation and enforcement.
$2 trillion dollars could have been used to buy insurance for those, trillions, billions and or millions (pick a number since this is also a lie also) of Americans who supposedly do not have health insurance.
Why?  Why are taxpayers monies being used to prop up this already failed Obamacare Utopian Agenda and Economic Fantasy?
Americans deserve better than this.  The lies are horrific and disturbing.  And this rogue socialistic program needs to end now.

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dxj said...

Many plans do not provide the coverage that is required by ACA, thus a lot of Americans will have have their policies canceled on them and be forced to pay for things they don't necessarily want, but at a higher price. In essence, people who had coverage now have to buy more coverage whether they need it or not, whether they use it or not. Who is this benefiting, other than the insurance industry?