Thursday, October 31, 2013

Wallingford = Strong Republican Leadership

Wallingford has strong Republican leadership.  Whether we look at the Mayor, the Town Council or the Board of Education, we see strong and dedicated Republican leadership.  We see a Republican Mayor who is strong in leadership and in economic values.  We see a Republican Board of Education that values our students while understanding its fiscal responsibilities to taxpayers.  We see a Republican Town Council that exhibits fiscal restraint and respects taxpayers while providing funding for services for our town.
Our town is excellent shape financially.  It has one of the highest bond ratings in the state.  This is due to a dynamic Republican Mayor who places Wallingford's needs first rather than his political ego.  He and our Republican Town Councilors do not need power point presentations to resolve supposed issues in Wallingford.  They take action-not relying on rhetoric and or irrational economic arguments.
Wallingford Republicans lead and have led our community with low taxes, low electric rates, an Aaa bond rating and excellent services.
They deserve to continue to lead in 2014.
Vote Mayor Dickinson and the Republican team for Town Council and Board of Education next week.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Obamacare's Utopian Agenda And Economic Fantasy Developed Through Lies

Sorry, you can not keep your current health care plan.  There is no way economically possible that you can or that the current plan that you have still actually exists.  It is reality with Obamacare.  It is reality that Mr. Obama and his Administration lied to Americans about being able to keep your current health care plan.  You can't.  Look at all the companies who now must change their health care plans, find new plans, see coverage lowered and premiums skyrocket.  That is the new Socialism of health care in 2013.  That is the Obamacare Utopian Agenda and Economic Fantasy.  It is in reality all economic lies.
All lies just like Benghanzi, NSA, and the IRS scandals.  Lies and more lies.  Just like all of the lies about Obamacare.
What are the actual costs for his socialized health care plan?  Just pick a number from the sky-we are probably looking at at least $2 trillion dollars over the next two years for implementation and enforcement.
$2 trillion dollars could have been used to buy insurance for those, trillions, billions and or millions (pick a number since this is also a lie also) of Americans who supposedly do not have health insurance.
Why?  Why are taxpayers monies being used to prop up this already failed Obamacare Utopian Agenda and Economic Fantasy?
Americans deserve better than this.  The lies are horrific and disturbing.  And this rogue socialistic program needs to end now.

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wallingford AAA Bond Rating And Low Mill Rate=Well Managed Government

Why is a Aaa bond rating bad?  Why is a low tax mill rate bad?  In my economic opinion it is a sign of economic efficiency in the town government of Wallingford.   Wallingford's mill rate is one of the lowest in the area at 26.22 mills.  Since the state mandates by law a revaulation of all property every five years property values have a tendency to go up as Wallingford is a very desirable place to live with a Aaa bond rating, excellent schools, low electric rates and low stable taxes.  Thus we see much higher property values in Wallingford as compared to other towns that have lower property values, higher tax mill rates and higher property taxes being paid out.  I know I would rather have a residential property that had great value when I was ready to sell it and have it be in demand when I sold it.  I experienced this when I sold my other house in Wallingford in 2009 (at the supposed peak of the economic downturn).
Trying to follow the Democratic arguments on how property is valued in our town and thus taxed makes no economic sense to me.  The state mandates the town to revaluate its property every five years.  It is the law.  If the Democrats do not like this then change the law on a state level, after all you are in charge in Hartford controlling all aspects of government there.  The formula that is used by the town is the one that is mandated by the state.  We are fortunate to see as much business and industry that we have in Wallingford which shifts a great deal of the property tax burden from residential property taxes to business property taxes.  The robust business and industry we have in 2013 in Wallingford helps to create a stable tax base which in my economic opinion is the envy of many other surrounding communities.
The economic reality of Wallingford is that it has a stable tax rate, it has exceptionally high property values and it has a dynamic business climate with economic growth being seen on a daily basis on our Route 5 corridor.
Aaa bond rating to me are rare.  Wallingford stands above our communities with its economic efficiency.
Low tax mill rates are rare in Connecticut.  Wallingford stands above our communities with its mill rate efficiency.
Well managed government can only take place when a Mayor places the town's needs above his political ego and ambitions.  Well managed government takes place with actions not stale and economically irrational rants about how bad things are supposedly.
The Democrats and Mr. Zandri still have not communicated how they are going to pay for all of their new and improved programs which in my economic opinion will burden Wallingford for future generations with higher residential property taxes.
The choice in November becomes more clear each day.
Vote Mayor Dickinson for another term along with his Republican majorities for Town Council and the Board of Education.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Voter Disinformation In Wallingford-Vote Dickinson For Mayor

Democrats normally do not stop at any level in voter disinformation.  Their task is to present the worse possible light even when things are great to advance their thoughts and ideas be as skewed as they are from reality, especially economic reality.  The current election in Wallingford is an excellent example.
Wallingford has been governed by an economically frugal and economically conservative Mayor William Dickinson for many years now and enjoys an Aaa bond rating.  It seems to be a source of discontent in 2013 that the Mayor does such an excellent job in running and managing the town fiscally.
In this election his opponent is pulling out all of the stops from the Democrat playbook on how to misinform the voting public.
As someone who has taught economics for many years now and have been involved in municipal finance for fourteen years I can not rationalize any of Mr. Zandri's economic arguments with regards to Wallingford's mill rate and assessments.  Contrary to his convoluted economic arguments the town follows the law imposed by the State of Connecticut with regards to assessments and mill rates.  Thus the voter disinformation on this non issue.
It has to really bother Wallingford Democrats that they are not allowed to tax and spend in free form and with free will like they do in Hartford and Washington.  Mr. Zandri has not presented to voters one piece of information as to how he will pay for any of his massive expansion of town programs and technologies.  Is the money going to fall from the sky?  Or realistically are our taxes going to increase dramatically because of these expansions?  In my economic opinion taxes can only go up and surpluses will be drained dramatically if he is elected.
Wallingford voters do have a choice.  They can have much higher taxes in 2014.  Or they can reelect Mayor William Dickinson with a Republican majority Town Council and Board of Education and maintain a fiscally sound community.

Friday, October 18, 2013

Re-elect William Dickinson For Mayor Of Wallingford

It is election day here in Wallingford in a few weeks.  For the past few months voters in Wallingford have been inundated with the usual anti-Wallingford, anti-Mayor Dickinson rhetoric.  This campaign has seen what amounts to wondering what town we are actually living in.
To me as a both as a voter and taxpayer the issues are clear.  Wallingford is one of the best fiscally run and managed communities in Connecticut.  It has a low tax rate, low electric rates, excellent schools and services, and an excellent bond rating.
It has been done with the guidance of a Mayor who places the town first before his needs and political ego.
It has been done with the guidance of a Mayor who has placed fiscal conservatism along rational economic thought first before the desires of special interest groups.
It has been done with the guidance of a Mayor who leads with actions rather than empty talk and promises.
It has been done with the guidance of a Mayor who does not have to constantly be on social media and tweeting all that he has done, will do or promises to do.  Mayor Dickinson actually accomplishes.
The economic reality of 2013 shows that good government does exist when a Mayor makes the harsh choices to be thrifty with every penny of taxpayers monies.  In my economic opinion this does not exist with the economically irrational Democratic leadership in both Hartford and Washington.
Wallingford voters have a choice.  We have an excellent government with Mayor Dickinson and six Republican Town Councilors and Republican Board of Education.  Vote them back into office November 5, 2013.  Do not be persuaded by the false promises and false economic realities that the opposition provides.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Democratic Economic Disinformation Is Everywhere-Washington, Hartford, Wallingford

Whether it is on the Local, State, or Federal level, I continue to be amazed at the economic disinformation that the Democratic party force feeds the public.
For the Washington governmental shutdown which is in reality is saving taxpayers a great deal of money, we hear obviously that is completely the Republicans fault.  It is the Republicans fault that the President will not be part of a non partisan, open type of communications government that speaks to the other side and tries to resolve its differences.  If you do not agree with this Administration's convoluted theories of economics you are not spoken to or heard from.  I guess that is good government in Washington.  Either agree or face the consequences, sort of like a Dictatorship.
Economic fantasies continue to grow and prosper among the ruling elite of Hartford's One Party Rule which continues to talk about the Governor inheriting the largest budget deficit in the state's history.  All Mr. Malloy did was to pass the largest tax increase in our state's history and we still have - guess what - a budget deficit, which will not go away any time soon.  Especially with the massive amount of unfunded liabilities that exist in our state government.  But if we do not think about them they will go away...for the next Administration.
Finally in Wallingford, the Democratic Mayoral candidate Mr. Zandri  has placed a new twist on our town's efficiency such as its  Aaa bond rating, low taxes, low electric rates and excellent school system.  He apparently does not believe we have one of the most transparent area governments, nor believes we have a low tax rate by the disinformation he has created about our tax mill rate.  I suppose if he ever got elected, he could state that his future tax increases are actually tax cuts and other related economic fantasies.  His grand plans will definitely cost taxpayers a great deal more in taxes, economically it can not be done any other way. In my economic opinion many taxpayers fear his economic rhetoric and will stay the course and re elect Mayor William Dickinson for another term.
Democratic economic disinformation is everywhere, it is truly is a burden to our economy and to the taxpayers who must pay for it.

Thursday, October 10, 2013

G O V E R N M E N T S H U T D O W N - But Where Is Our Tax Money Going? $16,750,221,318,255.68 Trillion Dollar National Debt And Rising...

Our National Debt is $16,750,221,318,255.68 and rising.  $16.75 trillion and rising.  And with Federal Government unfunded liabilities we are looking at additional $100 trillion dollars which is off budget and out-of-sight from taxpayers.  Economically we could be considered bankrupt.
If one wonders where their tax monies they are paying is going during our government shutdown, it is a valid question given all of the doomsday economic rhetoric we are hearing at this time.  First in the first five years of the Obama Administration, the National Debt has increased by $4.93 trillion dollars, for those who despise all things Republican, under the Bush Administration it increased by $4.89 trillion dollars in eight years.  We still have three more years of this Administration, thus we may and probably will see an additional $3 to $6 trillion dollars in National Debt.  Our current tax monies are being used to basically continue paying the interest on the National Debt and to run certain services of government especially the salaries and benefits of the members of Congress and their staffs.  Our current Administration wants to prove its point by making this "shutdown" as nasty as possible, thus we are seeing the staged closings of our National Parks, Monuments, etc. (with the exception having a taxpayer funded rally for immigration at a "closed" governmental facility) with as much perceived pain as possible.  To me as a taxpayer it is laughable and insulting to my continued financial support of this rogue and economically irrational administration and government.   I thought our elected officials serve us?  Or are we now serfs in a non democracy type of serfdom?
The National Debt is out of control.  The costs of our new socialized health care system are out of control.  And the issues here for our new fiscal year should be to cut spending, come up with a plan to resolve the National Debt, come up with a plan to allow the free markets to create jobs and economic growth not government and most importantly allow the free markets to dynamically allow for better health insurance for all.
When will this Administration understand coherent economic thought?
Our National Debt is my $16,750,221,318,255.68 and rising.  That is the real issue that is avoided by all in politics and our ultra liberal media.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Vincent Cervoni For Wallingford Town Council

Mr. Cervoni is the Vice Chairman of the Wallingford Town Council.  I am going to use one of my votes to re elect him this November.  I had an opportunity to talk to him a few weeks back about his campaign and views for the upcoming election.

What do you feel is your greatest accomplishment or accomplishments as a member of the Council?
Mr. Cervoni: I don't take individual credit for individual accomplishments.  I am part of a team that is part of this administration.  In this term, my team kept the bonded indebtedness per-capita below $1000, bringing it closer to $900.  My team helped this Town maintain an Aaa bond rating.  These are important parts of the budget matrix that help keep tax increases very modest.  I'm also proud to have been part of the team that instituted an enterprise ambulance service.  By all reports, the enterprise ambulance service has proven to be a win-win for the residents.  My latest information is that the enterprise ambulance service has done so well that four more paramedics are being hired.

Low taxes, economic growth, forward thinking are all parts of Mr. Cervoni's platform and again he puts the needs of our community above personal political gain.  And that personal political gain and political posturing is very evident on the other side of the Town Council aisle. 
Mr. Cervoni has been in my opinion a strong and effective Council member, he is articulate and offers a great deal of insight on many issues that come forward to the Council.  Voters can check out more information on his website

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Vote Tom Laffin Wallingford Town Council

I like Tom Laffin. I am going to vote for him as one of my votes for Wallingford Town Council. Tom is currently a member of the Wallingford Town Council and has served our community with great strength.  He has also served on the Wallingford Board of Education and is well aware of the issues going on in town. Tom brings to the Council a common sense approach to fiscal management of our town along with a business oriented focus. He is concerned about you and I the taxpayers who pay for our local government in his conservative approach to spending. Tom is well read and articulate on all issues he discusses on the Council.  I am impressed with his knowledge on issues and his ability to communicate his thoughts to the public.  He has no ego in his service to our town.  Raising his family here in town he has a vested interest in the well being of our community.  He is a life long resident of Wallingford and to me is greatly qualified to serve our community with his education and business experience. 

I believe we should keep Tom Laffin as one of our Town Councilors.  His professional approach to issues and problems that our Council faces is essential for the well being of Wallingford.

Vote Tom Laffin in November.