Wednesday, September 18, 2013

To Dump Or Not To Dump In Wallingford? Here Comes The Rhetoric

Election time in Wallingford.  Here comes the rhetorical garbage.
I love Wallingford.  I wish it could be located in a different state.  Wallingford is a well managed and fiscally responsible community where we take pride.  That pride can be seen in many different ways.
Wallingford's strength can also be seen in its Mayor.  A Mayor who holds high ethical values.  A Mayor who holds conservative fiscal values for the town, placing the town's needs over his political gain.  A Mayor who has led the town through its ups and downs to make it what it is today.  A powerful economic community in a horrific economic state.
I guess one of the main campaign themes of this election is the wrongful dumping of materials by Public Works.  I guess I should staying up each night wondering where that waste is going and will be going?  I guess I should be wondering why and why again did this have to happen?  I guess this is a political crisis of the highest order.  I guess Wallingford will forever be changed by this garbage.
Pick any election in Wallingford and we hear the same story by the Democrats, just change the time, places and names.  Mayor Dickinson can not do any good and only the Democrats can change things.  I guess the local party wishes to replicate the economic debacle and nightmare that we see in Hartford.  Why have a town with low taxes, low electric rates, a AAA Bond rating, good schools and fiscal responsibility?  When we can have an economic morass instead with arrogance mixed in?
To dump or not to dump is the question?  I still will vote for Mayor Dickinson for another term.

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