Wednesday, September 04, 2013

More Problems For This Administration

On both a National and International levels there are many problems (many self created) for the Obama Administration.
We see today on a International scale the indecisiveness in Syria and the Middle East in general.  Does this Administration really think that limited and late military action will do anything to improve the nightmare going on in Syria?  How long does this Administration wait until they actually do anything?  And what will the action actually be?  What happened with the crisis in Egypt?  Which side is this Administration actually on? Does this Administration remember not taking sides in Iran?  What about the Arab Spring?  And how are we going to pay for this limited military action?  Do we have a foreign policy any more?
Another thought how about the continuing human rights atrocities still occurring in Cuba? Any thoughts on how to resolve them?
On a National level what is this Administration doing about the IRS scandal?  What is this Administration doing about the issues of spying and security leaks?  What is this Administration doing about the National Debt?
It has been a long five years with this Administration and will be a long road until 2016 when we mercifully vote for a new President.  The splendor of the Obama Administration and his Presidency has faded quickly and completely.  Its indecision and irrational policies have hurt our country and our world statue.  Maybe before eight years are up this Administration might actually be honest and lead.  But do not count on that happening.
I long for a new day and direction for America-before it is too late.

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