Thursday, September 26, 2013

How Much Higher Will Your Health Insurance Increase in 2014?

How much higher? A great deal.  Any way you look at it.  Real numbers and real dollars.  Higher premiums with less coverage. Rationed care.  Shortages of Doctors and skilled specialists.  All in the name of totalitarian control to gain single payer health care run by a bloated and economically irrational federal government.  A federal government who can not functionally run any program with economic efficiencies.   All in the mane of power and control.
Why should taxpayers support Obamacare?
Why should our health care be taken away from us?
Why did Congress and many other receive exemptions from it?
How does this make health care more affordable in our economy when premiums are skyrocketing?

I agree with Senator Ted Cruz-we need to defund this horrific health care plan today.  It is economically irrational for our economy and for our health.  If citizens can not afford insurance then give them a full tax credit each year to allow them to purchase it on the open market so they have coverage.  It would have resolved this issue.

Defund Obamacare.

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