Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Obamacare Not Good Enough For Congress

Too bad.  I guess with the new unknown socialized health care plan it became too expensive for members of Congress and their staffs.  How would they be able to pay that yearly $5000 for single coverage and $11000 for family coverage that this law dictates?  The outrage of it all.  Now we know that you and I can afford whatever we need to pay to have our health coverage whether it is the monthly premiums, co-pays, deductibles.  We can, will and must pay these costs.
But why should Congress bother itself with that?  As a ruling class in our society they should be and are above any laws that they enact.  They rule the serfs with supreme power and iron rule.  The President by fiat and against his law of socialized medicine is giving all members this yearly $5000 for single coverage and $11000 for family coverage from you and I the taxpayers-they are now exempt from these costs.  More taxpayer monies now go to subsidize this economic debacle called Congress and their bloated staffs. Again they are now exempt from paying this money for their socialized health care.  And again I ask why?  More freebies for the ruling elite.  Congress is now held harmless from the health insurance nightmare they helped to create.
It is never too early to think about the Congressional midterm elections that are coming up in 2014.  And it is never too early to think about voting out of office this incompetent ruling elite which has and continues to cause excessive harm to both our economy and society.  Taxpayers should no longer be treated as serfs in our society.

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