Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Keno and No Sales Tax Week-Yawn

I am economically tired of Connecticut.  Now we have Keno, a new way to save Connecticut from itself. We have this week tax free week on all clothes and shoes.  But wait a minute clothes and shoes used to be tax exempt all of the time.  Until Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule decided to tax all clothes and shoes. And raise the sales tax.  And raise the secret Gross Earnings tax on gasoline. And raise the income tax.  And create new taxes on all sorts of things.  And still run a massive deficit each year.  And still be last in many, many different economic categories and one of the highest taxed states in the country.
Thus we see this week politicians praising the virtues of the scrap heap called tax free week, the other 51 weeks of the year Connecticut's elected officials make sure you are taxed to death.  Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Rule likes it that way.  It is the way and path to their corruption, glory and power.  It is their mantra.  And it continues to ruin Connecticut economically.
Maybe Connecticut can develop somehow a new Keno or scratch off lottery game in which the grand prize would be either a recall election on one of Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Ruling elite or just a plain forced resignation of one of Hartford's Omnipotent One Party Ruling Representatives or Senators.  Maybe Connecticut would really hit it big and once again move forward economically.  Taxpayers would truly win and win big!  What a prize that would be!

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