Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Connecticut's Do Nothing Unfunded Pension Liabilities

Connecticut ranks last in unfunded pension liabilities according to a recent cnbc report
No big deal.  Omnipotent One Party Rule in Hartford can just change around some more accounting rules and just like that it will be fine again.  Sort of like what they did with the state budget.  Sort of like it being unconstitutional.  But what does that matter to Omnipotent One Party Rule in Hartford?  They seem to be economic geniuses.  They tax and spend without any regards for the state's fiscal future.  They tax and spend to create their own comforts and given reelections.
Unfunded pension liabilities is a serious economic matter and one that still is ignored by Omnipotent One Party Rule in Hartford.  It is at a crisis state and really no solutions have been offered to this.  It is just one of many economic crisis that Democrats have helped to create in Hartford.  They must be proud to be ranked dead last out of 50 states in our country.
What is the solution?  All new state employees should be going into self funded pensions.  Benefits should be in line with private industry and business.  Economic reality needs to be explored by Omnipotent One Party Rule in Hartford.   The state is broke and can no longer afford this economic charade.

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