Thursday, June 06, 2013

The Wasted Connecticut State Legislature-Or The End To Open Government That Taxpayers Support

Connecticut once again has wasted an entire legislative session.  However when one reads the glowing and self serving comments that Governor Malloy and Hartford's One Party Rule give themselves, one wonders where their fantasy comes from?
Does it come from the massive increase in taxes that we have endured since Governor Malloy has taken office?
Does it come from the massive defunding of governmental watchdog agencies so that laws can be broken at will with no consequences by Hartford's One Party Rule?
Does it come from bills being written in secret and against the standard laws of our state constitution?
Does it come from bills being passed with no public hearing on them?
Does it come from a false budget which can only create deficits in the long run?

There were no answers by this session-only more severe economic problems for the future.  What we have in Hartford's One Party Rule is a free-for-all of personal gain, personal promotion, unethical and illegal behavior which is supported by you and I the taxpayers of Connecticut.

The battle line has been drawn, Hartford's One Party Rule must end quickly.  We as taxpayers need to voice our displeasure at this mockery of government.  Better yet we as taxpayers must defund Hartford's One Party Rule today.

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