Wednesday, May 01, 2013

The Chronic Tax And Spend Issues Of Connecticut

Before I get into the chronic tax and spend issues of Connecticut, I really would like to know what our government is doing to free Kenneth Bae, a US Citizen who was captured and is being held prisoner by North Korea.  It is time to end all diplomatic channels with North Korea and take military force against this irrational and rogue country.  All prisoners in North Korea need to be freed once and for all.
Now back to the chronic economic issues of our state.
Another $500 million in projected tax revenue will not be coming in any time soon for the state.  I do not know why this is even being treated as news since we are in a massive economic recession in Connecticut due to horrific taxes and excessive state spending.  Connecticut has no economic plan other than tax and spend.
And an entire legislative session has been wasted on mythical gun control along giving illegal aliens anything they want.
Maintaining the current level of spending will only lead to another massive tax increase.  All this while our Governor travels and leads the good life at ultimately taxpayers expense.  I truly hope he has had a great time seeing the country and world rather than governing.
Connecticut has an economic paralysis.  Cronyism has replaced coherent economic thought and policies.  I do not understand why the media has not reported the true economic news in our state.
More businesses will be moving out of state (i.e. state gun manufacturers), more spending by state government and yet even more and higher state taxes are arriving.
It is truly the chronic tax and spend issues of Hartford's One Party Rule.

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