Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Political Lies And Scandals And Connecticut's Secret Gross Earnings Tax On Gasoline Is Going Up To 8.1% on July 1.

There are many.  Too numerous for just one column.  And Connecticut's Secret Gross Earnings Tax on gasoline is going up to 8.1% on July 1, increasing the cost of driving even more here in Corrupticut.

In Hartford, one wonders how anything is actually done on either side of the aisle with the current scandal on vote purchasing continuing to unwind.  Several convictions and our elected officials in unison know of nothing that happened during this time.  Amazing.  I really laughed at what Chris Donovan said yesterday-amazing as a former Head of the House of Representatives you knew nothing about what was going on.  Nor did Larry Cafero know anything that was going on either.
Logically one can assume that if one has enough money to donate to either party in Hartford one can influence their vote and your self interest will be fulfilled on a certain piece of legislation.  Sort of like taxpayers monies being used to pay for corrupted lobbyists in Hartford.  It truly is a culture of corruption, greed and fraud which is what our State Government has turned into.

In Washington, our Commander-In-Chief knows nothing going on in either his Administration, nor the Departments that run our Federal Government.  Wow.  Four Americans dead, left behind by their government, the stonewalling of the IRS and the theft of reporters emails and messages.  Wow.
Our President and his Administration know nothing at all.  Yet Mr. Obama enjoys his parties, vacations and fund raisers.  That is obviously more important than being a President and leading his country.  This is how a President leads his country?

The list seems endless of scandals, lies and thefts by our Federal and State Governments.
One last thought:  maybe we as taxpayers need to start to reject our funding of this culture of corruption in Hartford and Washington.  Accountability-no-lies-yes.  Welcome to our corrupt Government in 2013.

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His approval rating is 51% - about one intern affair from 80%. :(