Thursday, May 23, 2013

More Great Connecticut News! Illegals Get Driver Licenses! Thanks Once Again To One Party Rule In Hartford!

I have to hand it to One Party Rule in Hartford.  They abide by no laws, rules nor the State Constitution.
They just do whatever they want, whenever they want and however they want.
No ethics, lies all the time and fraud.
They no longer represent Connecticut in any way,shape or form.
Rammed down the throats of those who pay taxes, work and live in Connecticut legally is the new law passed at 5:48am this morning to give illegal immigrants drivers licenses on 1/1/15.
Democracy really functions well at this time of the morning.
And this is really the most important problem in Connecticut in 2013?
The hell with the deficits, excessive taxation and high unemployment.
The hell with Hartford's One Party Rule.
74 Democrats voted in favor of this insulting bill to allow these licenses.
What about the rights of those legal Connecticut citizens who pay taxes in our state?
We no longer exist according to Hartford's One Party Rule.

Thus we as taxpayers must stop funding this mockery of our elected government.

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