Monday, April 01, 2013

What Happened To The State Economy?

I do not know since all the news that is coming out of Hartford is on gun restrictions and legislation to that effect.  I also do not feel that it is going to make a difference as someone who wishes to engage in an illegal activity with a gun because they will obtain one probably through an illegal manner.  Nor we as law abiding citizens will feel more protected by all of this legislation.
Those who own a gun legally do not cause crimes in my economic opinion.
But then what happened to Connecticut's economy?
I guess it does not matter what happened to Connecticut's economy since the only item that is important in Hartford is taking away guns especially from law abiding citizens.  The economy really is not important in the Hartford's One Party Rule scheme of things.  They can just continue to raise taxes on those who owns businesses and work in our state and not worry about it.  Debt does not exist in their vocabulary.  If any member of Hartford's One Party Rule loses an election (which rarely happens) or gets convicted of a crime, they can be reemployed as either a high ranking state employee/official or better yet as a lobbyist.
But then what happened to Connecticut's economy?
I still do not know-but wait I think I see legally owned guns being eliminated instead.  The state economy is long gone.

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