Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Federal Budget Differences-Paul Ryan Wins

I am curious if Mr. Obama realizes that he needs to put forth a Federal budget each year?
Apparently he needs a few more weeks to gather his plan to raise spending and raise taxes.  From what I have been reading the Senate is actually being forced to put forth a budget after missing just the last four years in creating one.  No big deal, the excessive, bloated and wasteful Federal spending continued for the past four years with no budget.  The Senate's new proposal calls for a mere $1 trillion dollars in new taxes, does not balance the budget and will create even more spending and more National Debt.  Thus after four years this was the best the Democrats in the Senate could develop.  Amazing.
Representative Paul Ryan has developed a budget which will actually balance the budget, cut spending and reform both Medicare and Medicaid.  For those who actually understand Medicare and Medicaid one sees that they are both basically bankrupt and unsustainable in their current form.  His budget plan also defunds the economically irrational and unsustainable Obamacare health plan.  Mr. Ryan has created a monumental reform of Federal spending which in my economic opinion will actually start to address our massive budget deficits and National Debt.  Both which are economically unsustainable in their current form.
Thus the battle begins across the country.  Mr.Obama will again use taxpayers monies to travel to campaign for his plans and programs (whatever they may be?) and belittle and condemn the Republican plan.  The media in lock step with Obama will rip to shreds this economically logical budget.  And we will see more of the same.
I applaud Representative Ryan and his budget.  He sees the future and wants to address it.  He is proactive economically.  And in my economic opinion he will win with his budget, not the stale tax and spend policies/non budgets of a Democrat party who have no idea of economic reality in 2013.

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