Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Connecticut's Economic Depression

In my economic opinion Connecticut is in an economic depression of its own making.  For many years now the irrational economic policies of Hartford's One Party Rule have taken a great economic toll on the state.
We have seen a mass migration of taxpayers, citizens and our youth flee the state over the past twenty years.  We have seen a constant increase in taxes in our state.  We have seen our jobs base erode severely.  We have seen state social welfare spending increase dramatically-plus an addition 800 more non profit agencies helping those in need in the state.  We do not develop business or industry in our state.  Excessive taxation, excessive workers compensation costs and a failed transportation infrastructure will not attract business even with Hartford's One Party Rule brand of corporate welfarism in place.  We have a massive amount of long term unfunded liabilities - $80 billion dollars and growing - with no end in sight.

We are in a Hartford's One Party Rule economic depression.  A depression made by government that is purely irrational in economic terms and policies.  Guess what- Hartford's One Party Rule economic policies do not work nor will the Malloy state budget work either.  More spending, more taxes, more debt and deficits.  Hartford's One Party Rule owns it.

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jazs07 said...

The government can’t start businesses that employ people but they can support and encourage businesses in order to decrease the tax burden on all citizens. Some says that it has only been a recession for some and almost exclusively in the private sector.

Economic Depression