Thursday, January 03, 2013

Fiscal Cliff=Another Tax Break For General Electric

Gee another tax break for General Electric.  Gee it was placed in the fiscal cliff legislation.  Gee we are going to pay more in taxes except for General Electric.
Christmas came early once again for General Electric at the expense of those evil taxpayers like you and I who work for a living.  The "active financing exception" provision which was stuffed into the fiscal cliff legislation is a way for multinational corporations to defer paying taxes in our country by moving profits into their offshore financial subsidiaries.  This is why General Electric avoids paying nearly all of their United States corporate income taxes at the expense of those evil taxpayers like you and I who work for a living.  It is corporate greed and corporate welfare at its best.
And the best is that most of our Congress did not even read the bill they were voting which should help to explode the National Debt to well over $20 trillion dollars by the time Obama leaves office in 2016.  And still no plan to address the National Debt except by raising taxes and increasing governmental spending.
I have no plans ever to purchase another product made by General Electric or their subsidiaries due to this corporate tax provision.  I will no longer support them and or any of their products.
I am a taxpayer who has had enough of this sickening excess of our corporate tax structure and the equally economically inept Congress which allows it.
I will say no to General Electric and all its products and services-and I hope you do also.

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