Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Why Raise The Minimum Wage? Why Put More Out Of Work?

Connecticut's One Party Rule in Hartford never ceases to amaze me with their lack of knowledge of whats left of our state economy.  The new twist is to raise the minimum wage to $9. and then to $9.75 in another year.
The minimum wage is floor or minimum that workers legally get in exchange for their labor.  It is a wage rate that is usually given to those with little or no work skills-for those who enter the labor market for the first time.  Much to the opposite of the One Party Rule in Hartford thought process, you are not able to support a family of four on it nor was it the original intention of the minimum wage for one to do so.
This is where liberal economists and equally liberal politicians who buy their votes come into play.  By constantly raising the minimum wage the costs of doing business and the products and services that are being sold go up.  And we as consumers pay more for everything because of it.  And those who make minimum wage still can not afford to support a family of four with an additional $30 a week less taxes.  It is not economically feasible to do so.  They too will now pay higher prices for all goods and services in the state.
In my economic opinion one can increase their wages through the greater knowledge, skills and education during their work careers.  Liberal politicians do not understand this because many have never held a productive job in their lives nor understand how our economy works.  The raising of the minimum wage hurts directly those it is supposedly trying to help in the first place.  It will further our state recession and ultimately place more out of work.  It will help the further decline of our state economy.
It is a ridiculous proposal in 2013.  Does anyone in Hartford understand this?

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Connecticut, Taxes and Tolls

Taxes and Connecticut go hand in hand.  Our one party dictatorship in Hartford seems never to have enough money to spend.  Money to spend on laws and programs approved by special interest lobbying groups who pay their way in our Legislature.  Money to spend for layer upon layer of important and economically inefficient state jobs.  Money to spend for unlimited social welfare programs.  Money to spend for unlimited corporate welfare (but for only who lobby for it-not for small business owners).  The list they love to spend taxpayer's money on is endless.  It is like to the point of no return or possibly now chronic budget deficits both long and short term.
The next tax brainstorm coming out of one party rule is to bring back tolls.  I remember tolls very well.  I used to avoid them at all costs driving on Route 1 at all times when I used to live in North Branford.  Tolls were mainly on I-95 in Madison, Branford, West Haven, Stratford, and several other spots on the highway.  It was ridiculous.  And then something happened-people died at the tolls in Stratford and the actual outcry forced the state to eliminate them.  Thus we have no tolls in Connecticut.  Lives were actually saved.
But all that can change. And our dictatorship is chomping at the bit to bring them back.  This new revenue source would help them to spend even more money.  It would be a windfall for Hartford to tax and spend even more than they do already.  And look at all of the unionized politically connected jobs they could create with tolls!  It would definitely be a win-win for our one party rule.
Thus if it moves tax it, if it is lobbied enact it and if it slams our taxpayers even more just do it.
There is no regard whatsoever for taxpayers in Connecticut from our one party rule in Hartford.
Taxes and Connecticut go hand in hand.  Our one party dictatorship in Hartford seems never to have enough money to spend.  Over and over again.  What a waste of an economy.

Friday, January 18, 2013

Lobbying and Connecticut

Lobbying and Connecticut.  The two go hand in hand.  Sort of like a pimp with his prostitutes.  A recent article by Don Michak of the Journal Inquirer is an amazing piece on the amount of lobbying that goes on in Connecticut and its costs-here is the link

According to the article $67.9 million dollars has gone to influence peddling here in our state.  Not bad.  It is also $67.9 million dollars that taxpayers like you and I can not afford to spend to influence legislators who we supposedly vote into office to seek representation, truth and ethics in state government.  Influence peddling?  Could this influence peddling have helped to create one of the highest taxed states in the country?  Could this influence peddling have helped to create the worse state credit quality in the country?  Could this influence have helped to create the worse state debt situation in the country?  Could this influence have helped to create our state to be the worse to retire in the country?  Could this influence have helped to create the largest achievement gap in education in the country?  The list to me is endless.  And it is totally non productive money spent by organizations whose only concern in the state is their self interest, self promotion and self satisfaction.  All at taxpayer's expense.

Lobbying in my economic opinion is yet another cancer within our economy which inhibits economic growth. Your tax monies are being used against your own free will and in most cases creating a negative economic situation for you and your families.  Prices for many goods become artificially higher due in lobbying influence costs added such as price supports and price floors.  The corporate subsidization with taxpayers monies do  little for job growth nor job creation.

Thus as we can see through Connecticut's lobbyists along with one party rule in Hartford that we as taxpayers have no rights and we have absolutely no say in our government.
Lobbying and Connecticut.  The two go hand in hand.  Sort of like a pimp with his prostitutes.  Only worse.

Wednesday, January 09, 2013

State of the State-More Rhetoric, More Taxes, More Spending

More, more, more.  Mr. Malloy will give Connecticut his third State of the State speech today.  As much he wants to believe that he is, was and will be the greatest Governor Connecticut has ever had, we will hear much of the same.  We hear that his massive tax increases are working with a $1 Billion plus budget deficit.  We hear that there will be massive cuts in state spending except for most agencies and employees.  We will hear how he has handled with ease every crisis he has faced as Governor like no other in our state's history.
We will hear him deny the rumors of his appointment to some great and large position in Washington.
We will hear it all.
More, more, more.
What we will not hear is that Connecticut continues to be an economic mess in his third year of one party rule in Hartford.  What we will not hear is how much his massive tax increases have hurt rather than helped the state.  What we will not hear is how his corporate welfare gifts have done nothing to create new jobs.   And the list is endless.  But the rhetoric is not.

We will hear it all.
More, more, more.
And Connecticut continues to struggle and be a lost state economically due to the abuses of one party rule in Hartford.  Whatever Mr. Malloy will say will do little to improve those remaining in our state who must support this government which is out of control in so many ways.

Thursday, January 03, 2013

Fiscal Cliff=Another Tax Break For General Electric

Gee another tax break for General Electric.  Gee it was placed in the fiscal cliff legislation.  Gee we are going to pay more in taxes except for General Electric.
Christmas came early once again for General Electric at the expense of those evil taxpayers like you and I who work for a living.  The "active financing exception" provision which was stuffed into the fiscal cliff legislation is a way for multinational corporations to defer paying taxes in our country by moving profits into their offshore financial subsidiaries.  This is why General Electric avoids paying nearly all of their United States corporate income taxes at the expense of those evil taxpayers like you and I who work for a living.  It is corporate greed and corporate welfare at its best.
And the best is that most of our Congress did not even read the bill they were voting which should help to explode the National Debt to well over $20 trillion dollars by the time Obama leaves office in 2016.  And still no plan to address the National Debt except by raising taxes and increasing governmental spending.
I have no plans ever to purchase another product made by General Electric or their subsidiaries due to this corporate tax provision.  I will no longer support them and or any of their products.
I am a taxpayer who has had enough of this sickening excess of our corporate tax structure and the equally economically inept Congress which allows it.
I will say no to General Electric and all its products and services-and I hope you do also.

Tuesday, January 01, 2013


I would like to wish all my loyal readers a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.  Continue to try to strive to become debt free and enjoy economic freedom in your lifetime.
2013 will continue to be a time of economic turmoil with 537 individuals in Washington force feeding us more of the same stale tax and spend policies with the end result being even a higher National Debt that what we have today.  And still no plan to pay off either or funded or unfunded National Debt.  Ditto for those who rule Hartford.
To try something new such as austerity spending and savings does not exist in Washington or Hartford nor do I think it ever will in my lifetime.
I will leave you with some biblical inspiration:
“May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.”-Romans 15:13
May God Bless You All And May God Still Bless America.