Monday, December 03, 2012

Back To The Economic Nightmare After 30 Days

30 Days is a long time.  I decided to take a break from Swick Speak to rest and recover from the election.  Those who actually voted decided they wanted four more years at a national level of an economic recession, higher National Debt and higher taxes.  Those who actually voted in Connecticut again embraced one party rule in Hartford, greater state short term and long term debt and much higher taxes in the future.
Thus in the future I will be voting with my feet and moving to a lower taxed state as I see little if any economic future in Connecticut due to this gross mismanagement of tax monies on a daily basis.

On a national level, the media is spinning its wheels about the Republicans not compromising with regards to the impending fiscal cliff coming on January 1, 2013 when much higher tax rates go into effect.  I would like to remind my Democratic friends and the media, that the Democrats own the stagnant, recessionary economy in 2012.  A proposal that calls for higher taxes and increased spending that is being embraced by the administration will do nothing other than prolong the recession making it an eight years recession (which I can see happening clearly).
If I was a Republican in Congress, I would make our proposal and if it was not accepted then let the fiscal cliff come.  And then I would blame completely the Democrats in the House and Senate (they control the Senate and have not passed a budget in almost three years now) and blame the Obama Administration.  Again they own the economy.
Yes the higher taxes will hurt and that is apparently what our current administration wants-they to hurt those who are productive in our economy and who work and pay taxes in our economy.
2013=Fiscal Cliff.
2013=Again a much higher National Debt
2013=The Democrats Own The Economy.


dxj said...

Come on down to Tennessee. I'll have a cool beer waiting for ya.

David-FireAndGrace said...

Same old, same old tax and spend Dems.