Wednesday, October 03, 2012

The Ethics Complaint That Wasn't And No More Credibility Seen

Tuesday night in Wallingford saw the Ethics complaint that wasn't as the Wallingford resident after much rhetoric withdrew his complaint about Councilmen John LeTourneau and Tom Laffin and their supposed conflict of interest they had with Holy Trinity School and the council's actions with regards to a proposed wall repair at the school on Center Street.

Mr. Letourneau's  supposed crime was that his grandchildren were enrolled at the school.  Mr. Laffin's supposed crime was that his son attends Catholic education classes once a week at the school.  I truly hope they entertain legal action against these unfounded charges which they were forced to respond to.

I view this whole situation as a complete and utter waste of time and taxpayers monies.   Why this even reached this stage is beyond me.  And we as taxpayers should start questioning the actual political motives of these constant accusations which are brought up all the time by these "supposed" watchdogs of our town.  And we as taxpayers should start adding up how much these actions are costing us as taxpayers for the political advancement and well being of these watchdogs.

Fix the damn wall at the school and pave the damn Simpson Court parking lot.
Actions actually do speak louder than words in most cases.

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